2017 – Breakout Session #5: New American Cinema

Encouraged by the great success of fringe films with the audience, more and more major studio producers invested into director-driven projects (“auteur-style”) by the end of the 1960s and beginnings of the 1970s. The films produced during this period still stand out through their edgy topicality, radical aesthetics, and sometimes unique philosophy depth. New about this generation of filmmakers were not only their ideas but also their approach to film making. While their predecessors usually had to learn their craft through working as assistant directors in the studios, they  learned the art as students in film schools.

In our breakout session, we will look especially into Richard C. Serbian’s Vanishing Point (1971) and Woody Allen’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972).

Vanishing Point: Professional driver Kowalski (Barry Newman) takes a bet to ride his Dodge Challenger R/T from Colorado to San Francisco in less than 15 hours. On his way he fights obstacles and gains supporters, like a blind radio DJ (Cleavon Little) who is able to scan the broadcasts of the police… A typical example of a cult movie, this film was a critical as well as a financial failure upon its release in the US. However, after being successful in Europe, the film was re-released in a double bill with The French Connection (1971). Running in drive-in theaters and on TV afterwards, the film since then has gained a respectable cult following. Steven Spielberg has named it among his favorite movies (there are some analogies to his 1971 film Duel), and Quentin Tarantino paid his homage to it in Death Proof (2007). A remake was done for TV in 1997, and Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly seems currently to plan another remake for the big screen.

The film was shot on a low budget of 1,6 Million US $, but gained over the years more than 12 Million US $ at the box office. Despite its many locations, the film was shot in just 38 days (instead of 60 planned days due to a sudden budget shortage through the studio) with – for its days – light-weight ARRI II cameras and a small crew of 19 (excluding actors).

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask: A descendant of Russian and Austrian Jewish immigrants, Woody Allen started his career as a writer for jokes and became successful as such at the early age of Seventeen. After his graduation he became a playwright, and wrote his first movie script in 1965 for the comedy What’s New Pussycat?. A year later he took the opportunity to direct his first first film What’s Up Tiger Lily? in which he took an existing Japanese spy movie (Kokusai himitsu keisatsu) and re-dubbed it in English with new comic dialogue. After Allen directed, starred in, and co-wrote Take the Money and Run in 1969, he got a deal with United Artists for several films, including Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex…, which became one of his biggest financial hits grossing domestically 18 M US $ against a 2 M US $ budget, ranking on place 13 among the year’s highest grossing films. Since then, Allen, who also could be considered as the father of the modern romantic comedy, has received four Academy Awards (Best Original Screenplays for Annie Hall, 1978, Hannah and Her Sisters, 1987, and Midnight in Paris, 2011, and Best Director, again for Annie Hall) and more screenwriting Academy Award nominations than any other writer. And although he had hits and misses at the box office and a row of sexual scandals, he fully has recovered with Midnight in Paris (2011) gaining more than 50 M US $ revenues on the domestic market. Despite friendly recognition from the Academy, Allen has consistently refused to attend the ceremony. Back in 1974, Woody was quoted by ABC News as saying, “The whole concept of awards is silly. I cannot abide by the judgment of other people, because if you accept it when they say you deserve an award, then you have to accept it when they say you don’t”.



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  1. Why the film is called “Vanishing Point”, that is because, when you drive, the both sides of the curbs overlap, that is also the furthest point that you can see.

    I watched this movie long time ago, maybe when I was in high school, but I think I still remember everything that happened in the movie, the movie itself really gave me a great impression. I remember the excitement of feeling after watching this movie.

    The movie is not all about car chasing; it contains many facts of young American in the 1970s – freedom of personality, hippies, drug abuse, the ideal of loss, roaming, self-destruction…It is actually a beautiful process of approaching freedom and liberation the soul.

    Finally saw the purchase of nearly a year of . Unexpectedly, what I saw was not only a car-chasing war that stimulated the perception but rather a beautiful process of free will and liberation of the soul.

    The guy Kovaslki worked in car service company. He has to set out a car from Denver’s headquarters to San Francisco in 15 hours. He was chased all the way by the police, but because of his extraordinary driving skill, no one can catch him. Therefore, he started from DENVER, cross the four states: COLORADO, UTAH, NEVADA, CALIFORNIA. On the trip, the radio plays the music by a block blind DJ SUPER SOUL, who hosts the radio show, he offer koxaslki information about police and He called him “The last American hero. The thing gets bigger, there were many motorcyclers and hippies came from all over the country to the station to support Super Soul and Kowaslki. More and more people gathered, the police started, broke into the radio, slaughtered staff, destroyed facilities, the radio collapsed. Police later forced SUPER SOUL to say fake news in the radio to deceive Kowasiki.

    Kowaslki met a variety of people on the road, they offered the help to him. In the whole film, you can see, there is not too much conversation, especially Kowaslki’s dialogue is very little, but that is actually very reasonable, because only one person in the car, there is no one to talk too. Also, background music is very little too.

    The ending of is very controversial at that time, kowaslki and white car traveled four states and finally was about to reach its destination, he drove the car to the police, and choose to die, and even more puzzling is that when deciding to act, he even showed a smile on his face.

    In the movie, the most frequently asked question is “What do you want to prove?” He laughed every time. What is the answer? We will never know. He is a silent, secrete man who is chasing the freedom.

    I can never forget the scene that, he drives alone on the endless road.

    The movie ends with Super soul’s poetry, I want to share with you, I think it is very special to end like this way.
    “This radio station was named Kowalski
    In honour of the last American hero to whom
    Speed means freedom of the soul
    The question is not when he’s gonna stop
    But who is gonna stop him…

    Kowalski, vanishing point, Kowalski, vanishing point
    Kowalski, vanishing point, vanishing point
    Vanishing point, vanishing point
    Like a butterfly on a pin, like a butterfly on a pin
    Soul on ice, soul on ice, soul on ice, soul on ice

    There goes the Challenger
    Being chased by the blue blue meanies on wheels
    The vicious traffic squad cars are after our lone driver
    The last American hero, the electric centaur, the demi God
    The super driver of the golden west
    Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind, the beautiful lone driver
    The police number are getting closer, closer
    Closer to our soul hero, in his soul mobile
    Yeah baby, they’re about to strike
    They’re gonna get him, smash him
    Rape the last beautiful free soul on this planet

    Vanishing point, vanishing point, vanishing point, vanishing point
    Soul on ice, soul on ice, soul on ice, soul on ice”


  2. I don’t usually watch films like Vanishing point where most of the film is a car chase. However, it was interesting if you try to look at how they shot the scenes and combined them. I think every car chasing scene is built up of short cuts and close up of the drivers. However, I feel that it is mostly up to the cinematographer’s creativity to make it exciting or not. I was surprised how the music brings a lot of difference in a car chase scene. I personally prefer no music at all because it seems more realistic, but an upbeat music will definitely create an exaggerated speed to the movements and this is fun as well. I thought it interesting that in Vanishing Point, the white car was chosen because it would stand out in the desert background. I do agree that white is the most effective color for it to pop up from the screen. I watched a football game last night and the team who had white helmets were far more easier to spot and follow along than the other team who wore blue helmets. The director was not looking for a particular brand, but now the Challenger became one of the most iconic car model in film history. In an article, it said that all four cars (challengers) were destroyed by the company which loaned it out (Chrysler) right after the movie. They didn’t like how the cars were used for running away from cops.

    Another film called Bullit has some famous car chase scenes. One scene includes a car scene, but I found out that it was actually an accident. The car with the stunt man crashed into a car parked by the rode with a camera attached. (there were probably no people riding the other car?) The director liked the shots on the camera and decided to include it inside the film. This was very surprising, but also felt like film is made by a cluster of coincidence. You have a certain amount of control over the screen, but you never know what is exactly going to happen. It might start to rain or the actor might sneeze. And sometimes it goes better than the initial plan. I think this is what makes filmmaking or art in general interesting.

    Everything you always wanted to know about sex was definitely a kind of film I have never seen before. The first man patient saying that he fell in love with a sheep was already shocking. But then, the doctor…haha I did not see it coming because the doctor seemed normal that you could never imagine the situation being flipped. It was funny how he started staring and touching the sheep after the patient brought her to his office. At this moment, the audience begins to feel weird and skeptical about the doctor and at last when he says if he can meet with just the sheep next time, you get it. This gradual build up was very interesting and fun. The little details like the scene where the doctor was nervously walking back and forth and sometimes checking outside his window before the sheep arrived was fun to watch. It is funny how if only the sheep were a person, it would have been a normal romance film. I was surprised that it was not related to the content to the actual book at all. The original book was a serious self help book and Woody Allen just used the title. There is a rumor that Allen was trying to take revenge on the author, David Reubens, because he used Allen’s quote without permission in his book.


    1. I agree that a car chase scene with music and without music give a different impression. And, I also prefer a car chase scene without music too because it’s more realistic and gives me more thrill. But, after we watched two car chase scenes, one was with music, the other was without music, I realized how powerful the effect of music was. Musci delivers a story and a situation. A car chase movie with music gives excitement and, like Cinnamon1975 said, speed to an audience. I don’t usually watch movies which focus on a car chase or a car, so it was a good opportunity that I could watch it. And also, I didn’t know the technique of not putting music for a car chase on purpouse, so I’m glad that I could watch it in the class.


      1. It’s really interesting to me that I’ve seen so many people saying the same thing here, that they like car chase scenes without music better typically. I’m the exact opposite funny enough. Maybe I’m just not as much of a stickler for realism, but I’m really glad Karl chose Vanishing Point because it’s really a great example of how good music choice can enhance a scene. Knowing when to put music and when not to is a super important part of film, and for me I’ve always kind of had an association with car chases and uptempo music, especially if it’s pop music. My older sis and I used to play around and when a song like that would come on the radio we’d joke about how we were in the world’s slowest car chase. We’re both sticklers for the speed limit.

        I think Cinnamon is right, most car chases before this seem to have focused on the actors more than the cars. Guess the makers of Vanishing Point really had a thing for cars! I wonder if that was the start of car companies getting plugs in movies intentionally or as a mainstream marketing strategy?


      2. I am a little on the fence with the music during car chase scenes. In some cases they add a lot but sometimes its nicer to just hear the engines roaring and the tires screeching. For instance one of my favorite car chase scenes was in the movie Bullitt with Steve McQueen. During this exceptionally long chase scene there is only music right in the beginning but then the sounds of the engines take over and it really helps add to the suspense.


      3. I like how you brought up the importance of music in a movie. The soundtrack that goes with a movie can deeply effect the feel and emotion felt in the movie. The soundtrack behind the movie is a very important element. In a car chasing scene, the music can bring the intensity to the audience and make them feel like they are in the car chase rather then just watching. This reminds me of the Fast and Furious films where the background music played a large part in the intensity of the film.

        This element of using music to bring the intensity of a film up has been seen in numerous horror films. A classic example of this would be Jaws. In Jaws, the classic soundtrack played every time the shark approaches, gives the audience auditory clues that something bad is going to happen.The combination of sight and sound brings the heart rate and blood pressure up for the movie goer to feel like they are just as scared as the victim in the film.

        This would have been an interesting topic to bring up in class and discuss. In the movie the Guardians of the Galaxy, the soundtrack of the film actually plays a large role in the film itself. The whole soundtrack is correlated to an underlying plot of the story that the main character only has one cassette to listen to. The audience is brought into the main characters shoes by being able to listen to the same music that the main character is listening two. This is a powerful juxtaposition of the plot and the soundtrack intertwining.

        The Great Gatsby soundtrack, used music to bring the audience into the time of the characters being played but used modern artists and modern musical elements to bridge the divide between the two time periods. This creates a blurring of boundaries between genres, styles, and history while also bringing musical intersexuality.

        Music plays a strong role in American Film and would be an interesting topic to discuss in class. Is there a strong soundtracks present in a lot of Japanese films as well?


    2. Thank you for your post Cinamon, I also found out the same thing about the color of the car that they used in Vanishing Point,. I had also mentioned this in my blog post but I thought that there was a significant meaning as to why they chose a white car for this film. As you know sometimes or most of the time symbolism is key in films but this time I was trying to read too deeply into it. Then I have come to find out that they just chose color white because it matches really well with the landscapes and the other backgrounds.

      Another good point that you brought up was the use of music in this film. The choice of background music is very important in films and using music does not only mean adding music to scenes but also choosing when not to add music in scenes makes an impact as well. That is what exactly happened in Vanishing Point. The absence of background music and the use of only sound effects of the cars and ambience sound made it more effective for me. It made me focus more on Kowalski’s energy. It actually reminded me of the western film scene that we watched in our mid semester where the first 7 mins of the film was just literally ambience sounds and no music. That placed more emphasis on the characters ofcourse with the help of the different framing of the shots too.

      I also like the point that you brought about how this film basically endorsed the brand of the car unintentionally. This is one sign to know that the film is a success when people start to buy or use or do the things in the film. This might be a shallow comparison but, I remember watching chick flick movies and would always the cool chicks using flip phones maybe me beg to my parents to buy me a flip phone. Or that time when people atleast where I am from, started buying Volvo C30 because it was the car of Edward in the Twilight movie. I just thought it was very interesting! Thank you for your post again!


  3. the other movie, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, I found this movie is really interesting to watch. There is a scene that a shepherd from Armenia ask help from him because he was in the pain of losing his love. What surprise is, his lover is a female goat named Daisy. At first, the doctor gets very mad at him, but when the shepherd brings the sheep to his office. After seeing the sheep, there is a pause, and his attitude reversed, he even brings the sheep to the hotel, and put the sheep on the bed. This is very interesting, it has always been a very hot topic, about sex with the animal. This is called zoophilia, it is against nature. However, in this movie, the director creates many comedy effects. That is only one story in this movie, the actual movie contains 7 small stories, I read one of the reviews online, the other six stores seems very attractive as well, there are all the strange stories about sex. In the last story, the topic is about what happens during ejaculation? And the human acts the little sperm. This is also something new, and something interesting to watch.

    I think the movies like that is very creative, it is not a stereotype movie, this is something new, I know this movie only had a small budget, but it was quite influential. During the late 19th, due to the censorship is not very strict at all, there were variety movies came out which only made in small budget, but the type and topic were a little different than the movie before, it is more open to sexuality, also in the movie vanishing point, there is a scene that the girl who is naked and ride the motorcycle. There is some attracting point on these movies. And that is why people willing to watch some movies like that.


    1. I agree that these movies really still hold their value today. These movies were so experimental for the times and that is very telling of the era in a whole. It must have been awesome to be a film student during this time and watch all of these movies being created.


  4. n the movie, everything you always wanted to know about sex, the clip that showed in class is actually the last story, it quite funny that the director humanizes the sperm and the system of body, there are different sections that is controlled by the different department. Each of the department they are all humanized, and they have their own feeling and emotion. So therefore, they made the process of sex very cute and interesting. It is chaos and organized at the same time.

    There are many comedy effects too, there is a sperm who wear glasses afraid of go out, and other sperms start to persuade him. And a few guys rolled the roller, and made the tongue go out. And after they finished the whole process, about to drink wine and cheer about everything, the woman wants to have it again.

    I believe the whole movie grabs audience attention; each story is short and interesting, there is no boring scene in the movie. And it is really different than the ordinary films.

    The director was a joke writer, and then he became a director. Maybe that is one reason that he can make the movie so unique. And this movie is inspired by b movies, and it is a simple topic, also the topic that everyone is interested in. so everyone can be related to their own life.

    This movie is also made in small budget, but it was really popular during the time it been screened. Therefore, the form of the movie is kind of successful.


    1. Yeah I really enjoyed that movie clip the most. It is funny seeing these actors for which I grew up watching and how young they were during the filming. The whole command structure of the body was very well thought out and as we mentioned in class modern movies like Inside Out have taken this theme and made it there own. I felt a lot of inspiration from old scfi movies as well. When you look at the set design it feels almost like a space ship with all the different computers and and locations. The other clip with the sheep was also very funny but it lacked the punch of the human body and instead went for more of a quirky shock value. Overall I think that these types of quirky movies were the foundation upon which more modern titles like that of Borat and Monty Python took on.


  5. When we watched the scene from “Everything you need to know about sex”, where there were men functioning the body inside by handling the mental and physical issues, it reminded me of many different movies like “osmosis jones” where Bill Murray has animated characters inside him controlling his body and basically explaining what he was doing from the inside and out. This movie relates more to the current film showed in class because specifically they are both inappropriate for kids and involve sexual conduct and inappropriate language. Whereas, the modern movie “Inside out” involves the same idea where they also have people controlling emotions. This movie is more fit for children since has nothing to do with the sexual reproductive system and is strictly falls more into place relating to how kids feel with their emotions. It’s a great way to explain to kids what kind of things happens to their emotions. It’s pretty interesting to see how ideas bounce off of old movies and are created into new ones. Its incredible to see how far technology and ideas have unraveled into more interesting things. Even though the movies are of same ideas, they all have their own twist which makes it into a whole new type of movie or story.
    The other scene of the doctor falling in love with the goat was extremely uncomfortable. Possibly because the idea of a man having sexual indulgences with an animal is terribly inappropriate and uncomfortable even though there were multiple parts that were humorous. Still, I couldn’t really bring myself to watch more than a few minutes without having the weird feeling. The movie was definitely interesting and very original since there are not many movies that I have witnessed with having a storyline as such. Maybe it’s a good thing that there isn’t many human and animal sexual movies since it isn’t really appropriate haha.
    Overall, I prefer the first scene even though it crossed boundaries over the doctor falling for a sheep and laying in bed with one.


  6. the film ” Everything you always wanted to know about sex” was interesting. We only watched one episode of the film but the episode told me everything about the film. Before I watched the first episode, I thought the film would be an educational film about sex, but now I assume all episodes in the film would show a weird sexual relationship. The episode we watched was about a man who became in love with a sheep after one patient who visited his hospital, asked him about the love relationship with the sheep, and brought the sheep to the hospital. The men doctor first despised the patient when the patient talked about his love with his sheep. The reaction of the doctor was very funny and I liked it. But then, when the doctor met the sheep, he started acting differently than before. He seemed that he was attracted by the sheep. I was like ” I see that is going to be the story about”. I couldn’t understand why he became fall in love with the sheep or couldn’t build sympathy for him, but it was an interesting story to watch. I’m sure many people in the past became interested in the film and went to a movie theater. The episode shows a weird sex but describes it with humor so I could enjoy watching it.


  7. The gory movie was enough to give me fear. It used pause to give hints to audiences that something will happen. This pause enhanced my fear and kept me in suspense. When my suspense reached the peek, a gory moment happened. Gore is not taught as I expected, but this movie uses gore to surprise audiences. This movie uses a preface to heighten audiences’ expectations, and I think this technique is similar in horror movies. Also, the last scene, which a woman slowly looked back, it seems meaningful, and I expected some kind of gory thing to happen. Usually, I do not watch these kinds of movies, so I am not sure but I think the movie value is decided by how the movie shakes audiences’ minds.
    The director and film crew responded to audiences’ opinions. Sometimes, when people complain to organizations, they criticize them and say they are not listening to their voice. The director’s idea is nice, and I thought audiences would give really good feedback to them. However, as a matter of fact, some people gave them terrible reviews. It was funny because some comments did not mention about the movie. I think the important thing is to watch it with your own eyes, but as the director mentioned, some people said negative things even though they did not watch it. Still today, these people exist, even in Japan. I think these people appear more when movies are based on manga. If you look at movie review sites, even before the movie is released, people put low value on it. These people decide the movie’s value by reputation, trailers, or actors’ appearance. Everyone can review the movie freely, so this is not a bad thing. However, other audiences who have little interest in the movie, when they see a negative opinion from the movie review, they lose their interest and decide to not to watch it. I think this is a problem, and the reason why sometimes movie related people try to make the movie reviews better. Getting feedback from audiences is a good idea, but I leaned it does not work every time from what the director gets from audiences.


    1. Which movie do you talk about? It is a bit unclear. The two films were Vanishing Point and Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex… both were not gory in my opinion….


  8. New American Cinema

    Since I have enjoyed films by Woody Allen in the past (Midnight in Paris being my favorite), I was really intrigued when professor mentioned one of his earlier films which was based on a non-fiction book.
    Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) is indeed quite an extraordinary film. The structure of this film reminded me of that of comedy skits from Adult Swim shows. In fact, the quality of the humor was also quite close to that of Adult Swim shows, and I do not mean that in a positive way at all. The fact that this film was released in 1972 might be one of the reason why the overall humor here was so predictable. (Many comedy films and shows might have been inspired or used this film as an homage.) The first skit about the doctor (Gene Wilder) falling in love with a sheep was funny for the first couple minutes then it started to drag on and on to the point where it was redundant and cringeworthy. The second skit (Ejaculation sequence) however was quite fun and I believe that concept was quite unique and unconventional for its time.
    The Sodomy skit was quite uncomfortable to watch not only because it was not that funny, but because of the sex scandals. I also have previously read that he married the adopted daughter of his ex-wife and his possbly pedophilic tendencies. Knowing that and watching this “comedic” skit about the doctor fornicating with an animal felt quite uncomfortable. They actually included a scene where it was implying that they were having a sexual intercouse, and I found that very sickening and distasteful.
    In the descriptions of the New American Cinema, it said that the films produced during this era sometimes had philosophical depth in to them, but I honestly saw none here.
    Perhaps I should not judge the entire film for one particular scene in which I disliked, and watch the film in its entirety instead.
    Either way this break out session was very interesting and gave me a new perspective on Woody Allen and his films.


  9. I have heard about the movie, Vanishing Point, but I have not seen it, so the clips are a good chance for me to know about the movie. Compared to other movies’ driving clips, I was surprised how this movie tried to make the driving scenes fun to watch. The big difference between these clips and other clips is camera work and back ground music. Before we compared these movies, I thought natural sound is better than using music to show the driving scenes because natural sound is better to be realistic and have a sense of urgency. However, actually, using back ground music made the moment more fun to watch. Also, I felt in this movie, viewpoints were flexible, and this makes the driving scenes fresh. Other movies also showed a car, but their camera angles are the same most of the times and they showed the main character more than the driving scenes. I think this is because they want to show the actors and I also think they might use the actors on posters to get attention from audiences.

    The Second movie, ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex’ was a very interesting movie. I have never seen this kind of movie, and the story is not difficult but really strange. When the patient brought the sheep which he thinks is his girlfriend, the doctor was put off by the patient’s sexual propensity. I thought this story is about how the doctor cured the patient, and I expected this story to have a happy ending. Contrary to what I expected, this movie has a kind of bad ending. I did not expect the doctor to love the sheep the same as his patient did. In this movie, the patient came from the county side and it was understandable that he loved the sheep because this person did not have much contact with others. However, the doctor seemed like a normal person. He has a wife and he had many chance to talk to people, and he has high status which means it was a very opposite situation from the patient. Also, when the patient told the doctor about his mental trouble, the audiences seemed to have the same reaction as the doctor, but actually not. I am not sure what this movie wants to portray, but maybe this movie shows that normal people have potential to do unusual things like him.


  10. Let talk about the movie called “Vanishing Point”, 1971. “Vanishing Point” is about road. It does not seem to say anything in the story, but a story of a man who drives a car all the way to death; it seems to encompass everything the United States of the 1970s did such as personality liberation, hippies, drugs and etc. The film was as cool as the documentary from the very beginning: the police were busy, two bulldozers were jammed off the road, the helicopters were hovering in the sky, the people around were curiously crowded around the window, and the News Teams Come … All eyes look out to the road, listening to the sound of the radio. What are they meaning for? I think it’s kind of a good starting as a stormy eve, most people will think it something will happen in the middle of the movie, but there is nothing. The movie likes a documentary story. The story recoded a man’s life, and show what he wants to do in his life. So, what do you think about the starting of the movie? and Why the director creates a starting like this? However, this is obvious, It’s like a documentary, about the mind, about life, and even about the world. I believe, the movie has a deeper and deeper meaning, but I did not get that. That’s all I think it is possible.
    “Vanishing Point” leads a lot of director to make car topic movie in our world, Became the innovator of racing movies until today, “fast and furious” series have been its influence, as I think. In the movie, we can see a lot of great shot about car, it shows the performance of a car. The essence of the road movie is actually met a variety of people, experience a variety of possible life. It has been concluded that the spiritual essence of Americans is always roaming and exploring forever. They constantly seek, explore and never meet. I think the advantage of this movie is that it does not allow the character to take any practical action to oppose the system, to express ideas, to advocate, it is just presented a way to choose a free way of life.
    At the end of the story, the movie ends up and coming back to the beginning of the scene, but the reality is that the main character (what is his name?) did not fly off and flee away. He saw the bulldozer on the road, increased horsepower and bump up. We may not understand this story structure and it will not even be able to find any hint from the previous episode. It is clear that he was still calling the old friend, and saying, he was bound to drive to San Francisco on Monday. It is this kind of unpredictable and logical ending that leaves a deep impression on people. That is really attractive to me, as I need to think about what happen from the starting until the end. I need to fill up story by myself. It confuses me. Such a simple, natural, frank video, I do not know who expressed envy or emotion of that era.
    I think the name of the movie means the high way on both sides of the front coincides with that point in the distant field of view, which is where your eyesight is most distant. The name is good to bring audience to know the detail of this movie. It supports the movie understanding for audience.
    I would like to share one scene, I think it is good and meaningful to me. In the store, He ran fast as soon as he was on the road, completely ignoring the warning that the police had stopped him. As a result, a chase across the United States began. What do you think about this scene? And how nice the scene making. When I was young, I always ignoring my mon and dad, and they are not care as much as you think. It’s because they are not having much time to take care of me as their busy business. The police like my dad and mon, they always warning to me. Stop what and stop what. I think that scene is a little refection of my youth life. That’s meaningful to me. But, what I think is each person have their own thinking or own target to do what they want to do. However, maybe he is ignoring the warning from the police is a right thing, but not into the laws. Sometime, escaping helps you to develop your own critical thinking. We are not following any power to do such thing. As a result, this movie helps me emphasizing my life and my thinking….. thanks for your time to read!


  11. the second episode of the movie ” Everything You always wanted to know about Sex” was as interesting as the first episode was. The second episode was about the work of humanized internal man’s body during sex. A scene of a room for his genitalia and a scene of a room for sperms were funny. They were a very creative idea for laughing people. Each sperm has different personalities and was very funny. There was one sperm who was so scared to go out the body and kept saying “I don’t wanna go”. It’s weird but because the sperm was humanized, I felt sorry for him. Lastly, when he was about to go, he played the harmonica as if he was saying a goodbye to people who were going to a war or something. It was a kind of sad moment in the story. Another thing that I also liked about the scene was the costumes that sperms were wearing. It was a white costume with a long tail and a pointed hat. Again, maybe it’s weird to say it but was kind of cute. Because the film is an old movie, the costume material wasn’t very good so we can literally see that humans are wearing the costumes, which made them look cute I think. But, one thing that I noticed and felt strange was that there was a black person who was the sperm member. The guy said, “What am I doing here” in the film, and I wasn’t exactly sure what message the director of the film wanted to deliver. Another thing that I noticed in this film was that homosexual was treated as a negative thing. The coward sperm said, “What if it’s a homosexual encounter”. From this line, I felt that is an offensive line, but considering the age of the film, it was understandable that there was a such a line.

    Lastly, we talked about a film which was inspired by this episode in the class and figured it out that the movie was “Inside out”. Instantly, I knew “Inside out” was inspired by this episode but I kind of didn’t want to admit it because I didn’t want to think that “Inside out” was based on the sexual story. I don’t mean I didn’t like the episode of “Everything you always wanted to know about sex”. I think the episode is very good and creative, but I just like “Inside out” a lot so I didn’t want to think that the very clean Pixar animation took the idea from the story related to sex.

    But, I really enjoyed both episodes of the film “Everything you always wanted to know about sex”.


    1. I can see why you do not want to sully your image of Inside Out with the thoughts of it being based on a more adult skit. I still find it ironic to this day that a lot of family movies AKA disney films, Pixar and the like took a lot of adult stories such as Sleeping Beauty which is a completely different fairy tale if you read the original version and then turn them into kids movies. Its almost a bit comical but at the same time weird but hey I guess in the end it works out.


    2. I agree with what you are saying about what you felt about the movie Inside Out. I thought of the same thing too, when were watching this particular episode I immediately thought of Inside Out but I did not want to admit it was that movie because both movies have completely different feel obviously and I got confused too. Then when professor Karl finally said that it was the Disney film, I kinda shook my head and told myself I should have said something about it. haha However, yeah! the whole idea of doing a concept like this is brilliant. I remember when I watched Inside Out I was really amazed by the whole story, the graphics, and the character development. It did have humor into it too. I know that the kids really loved this film because this movie somehow psychologically made sense. It was not just about the typical princess, they lived happily ever after thing kind of movie. Both films are creative and funny in their own way. It was just kind of trucky to compare and relate them to each other because the other one is obviously for kids and the other one is mainly for adults however they are both very entertaining!


  12. While these examples are great and not too mainstream for the age demographic of this class as most of us have not seen them, there are some that we all know for the “autor” film like jaws, Star Wars, E.T. being the big ones. They were made from an understanding of the audience and how movies can be made while embracing the limitations of the production. I think they are a perfect segway into the older less known movies that we covered in class. That being said there is something more to the movies that are not immediate hits, but have the underlying quality that needs to be thought of, analyzed, and separated to gain the full appreciation. That effort that they cause makes a larger understanding of what they are and how they affect people.

    Vanishing point being the first one we watched and in the description above there are more than a few things that can be taken away. By embracing the constraints of 38 day of filming vs the original 60, it can be argued that the main points and plot of the movie were condensed into something solid. If the full 60 days were allotted then there might have been too many points they would try to make and dilute the overall story. Another is the smaller crew and lightweight camera. These allowed them to be mobile and shoot within the cars allowing for a more visceral feel and connection to the actor while the action was happening. That is why I think even Spielberg was a fan, before this the action was just something to watch and the feelings of the protagonist were very separate instead of feeding each other.

    I am not a fan of Woody Allen, even in the slightest. I think his movies are pandering to the lowest common denominator and use outdated and straight up bad dialogue and jokes. However Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask is something unique and explores something weird in a comedic way. I cannot speak on the whole of the movie and the dialogue and jokes he uses in this movie, but the premise is so out there it has a chance to be above his other works that I find not so good.


  13. Films like Vanishing Point, Bullit, the Great Escape, and other films with actors such as Steve McQueen were an era in themselves. I can remember growing up, visiting my cousin in New York, who had a 1969 Mustang fastback. He was a huge McQueen fan and had all of his car chase films on LaserDisk (for those of your who remember those beauties). I always associated those kinds of films with the golden age of American Cinema. Raw power muscle cars, unique filming techniques that captured the drivers and and the chase scenes – the best stuff you can ask for in a classic American film.

    Other interesting aspects about those times was that some actors did their OWN driving. For example , Steve McQueen did his own driving and motorcycle riding, like he did in Bullit and the Great Escape. That was extremely dangerous, no matter how good of a driver the actor was. Also, it was often seen as a great liability to the studio producing the film and the reputation of the director, heaven forbid an actor got hurt or killed during a stunt. This was a unique occurrence in American film, where the actors performed these stunts and actually insisted on doing so.

    Other students mentioned this aspect, but the films did touch on significant aspects of youth in that era. This was towards the end of the hippie era and the Vietnam War. But the country was undergoing a transition where conservatism was making a gradual return to mainstream society and most of the Woodstock generation were returning from their communes and facing reality that life was not all flowers, drugs, and rock and roll.

    But in terms of Vanishing Point, I think there was a hidden message to that film. As I had mentioned, the time period was seeing the tail end of the Vietnam War, although Nixon would up the Air campaign in 1973. But by 1975, the War was over and life began to return to a sense of normalcy in the US. I personally think that Vanishing Point is symbolic of the end is near for the hippie culture and some chose to go out in a blaze of glory.

    Lastly, the cars in the film, and others, were staples of American culture at the time. Rather then pure speed as was in Europe, American automobile manufacturers were producing pure muscle cars. Huge engines, heavy, and loud. While the cars were also fast, that was not the point. These cars were meant to show sheer power. Vanishing point ultimately adds to what most around the world would come to know as American Muscle.


  14. Aw geez, I’m really at a loss for trying to think of much to say on “Everything you wanted to know about sex but were too afraid to ask”. I feel like it’s such a weird movie it speaks for itself and leaves viewers speechless. The only noise we can make is laughter. Joking aside, I guess this is another good example of imported talent. It’s also a good example of how weird and creative things can be in movies, and how they can really influence future films and bring about more ideas for films. My mom showed me this film years ago as a sort of light hearted way of teaching me about sex and such. More of an icebreaker than anything. But I think that’s part of why it works so well. While the 70’s were certainly a far more sexually liberated time than years previous, I think part of why the film became so popular was because it relied on comedy to make it sort of safer. I think comedy adds a bit of a softer touch to topics that would otherwise be more tense or uncomfortable for some. Perhaps this is why so many modern rom-coms are influenced by Woody Allen’s work? I knew this movie had influenced things such as Inside out, as was discussed, but maybe its reach was into more genera than I thought. I’m not the biggest Woody Allen fan, so I’m not the best person to ask on that, but I do know there are a great many fans out there, so I suppose it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Anyways, ciao for now!~


  15. I sincerely wish we talked more about New American Cinema. The creativity of the director added so much to the movie of this era that made each of them unique. In particular, I wished we got to see the whole movie Vanishing Point, as it did seem like a completely unconventional movie. With hindsight, I would have appreciated a shorter session on the Western movies and a longer one on the Seventies more. Even though it is absolutely possible to find these movies online, it is hard to get a version with high quality. I found a whole movie Vanishing Point on youtube, for example, but it is either confined to a tiny corner of the screen or completely cut. Between the two, this looks like the better version, if you guys are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx4qVg-_-WE
    I have not watched it yet, but I will certainly do after finals! The other example that we have seen in class was Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask. And, I have to say, I expected a completely different movie! I enjoyed the two clips very much, as they were super funny and aged very well. From what I have seen, other people in the class were legitimately amused by them. I wonder the reactions that spectators had in the cinemas back then! I guess that this film is also a form of exploitation movie, mainly because of its title. It screams directly sex, and people who wanted to watch it probably did not expect it to be a comedy that had very little to do with actual sex on screen. As I have not watched the whole movie, this is my take based on the two clips watched in class. I have to say, however, that I have seen the second clip, the one on ejaculation, previously. It was a video shared by a funny page on facebook only a few years ago, if I am not wrong. This tells a lot about its actuality and how it aged well. After 40 years, people find it still funny to watch. It surprised me that it was a big studio film. This highlight how the whole system changed after Cleopatra, Them!, and the Paramount Decision! Not that this movie is outrageous to traditional values: it still shows a great deal of decency and self-censorship, but the topic would not have been accepted 20 years before its actual release.
    Even though it does not have much to do with the Auteur Cinema of the Seventies, the failure of Heaven’s Gate made me think a lot about how volatile the field of movie production is, being linked to the consumers’ demands. From the trailer that we watched in class, Heaven’s Gate seemed to be a very good movie, with an interesting plot and good shooting techniques. However, being so off in the time it was released, it turned out to be a financial disaster. In a way, it shared the destiny of Glen or Glenda, by Ed Wood. Good films (or at least good idea s for a film), but wrong timing.
    The shift to postmodern and modern movies was, to me, a little sad. The advance in quality is indeed amazing, but the fact that producers rely only on high-concepts movies, marketing, and pastiche makes the availability of movies very restricted, at least with the major production. At least, however, smaller studios and independent filmmakers now enjoy more freedom and more possibilities to pursuit their goals, producing different and off-mainstream movies. Sometimes being part of a “niche audience” is frustrating!


  16. I have not watched Vanishing Point, but its car chasing scene was very interesting, and I enjoyed watching it. As other students discussed, every car chase scenes would be completely different depends on what kind of a style of shooting and editing directors used. In Vanishing Point, the director focused on the car itself rather than the character, I think. The chasing scenes have a lot of close up shots and fast cutting so that audience can feel the speed, anxiousness, irritation, fears, and excitement. It does not have any dialogue, but great music. The character does not talk much not only in the car chasing scene but also in the other scenes, but he more focuses on driving. I do not know what the story is about, but I can at least see that the car is the most important thing in the character’s life, and somehow he reminisces about his past. Actually, the music kept me away from the reality, which means that I could see what does the character objectively, not feel sympathy for him. The music takes a proper distance between the character and me so that I could stand the fash back scenes like “oh this scene must be a flashback.” On the other hand, car chasing scenes with dialogue or no music is depicted more realistically, like I can feel I am in the car right now. Recent movies seem to have both music and dialogues in a car chasing scene. Upbeat music makes a fast pace, and dialogue gives them a reality.
    When it comes to the car chasing scene itself, nowadays chasing is used to prevent audiences from getting bored with a lot of movies no matter the genre, and even TV series. I choose a film no matter whether it has a car chase scene or not, but still, I see a lot of chasing scenes. I think that having goo “chasing” scenes is one of the important signatures in Hollywood movies.


  17. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex is very interesting and weird. The first episode we watched What is Sodomy? is the story that I have never imagined in my life. It was beyond my expectation. I thought it was an educational film, but it was not. At first, the main character looks like a normal, sober, and honest man, but after he met the farmer guy who loves a sheep, the doctor becomes a totally different character! He starts to love the sheep. He gives it the expensive jewelry although it cannot understand the value of them. It totally caws pearls before swine. Then, he has sex with it and ruins his peaceful life. His marriage life ends in divorce, and he loses his job as well. The story is very interesting, and I am sure that most of the people have not seen that kind of story before, so as other students say, this film attracted a lot of people at that time. However, I have a question about the title. I do not think the story is about sodomy, but it is more about zoophilia, and it is a more complicated and arguable, I think. I do not know in the America, but some countries strictly prohibit zoophilia, for instance, zoophilia was one of the serious crimes in ancient time of Japan. I am not sure how many people actually have an interest in sodomy or zoophilia, but there might be more than I expect. The only hope is that this film does not represent this topic seriously but in more funny or enjoyable way, and ironically tells us that having an affair bring in a bad end.
    Another episode we watched What Happens During Ejaculation, was also the interesting and cute story. I remembered the short film “Inner Workings,” which was made by Walt Disney Animation Studio. The film also shows that how the human body reacts when he sees something interesting and not interesting. A human body has a lot of mysteries, and we do not know much about how does it connect to the body and emotion so that somehow I am satisfied with that explanation. Maybe we have some dwarfs into our bodies, and they might operate us. The episode gives me a little dream. I do not want to believe that every my decision and action depend on my hormones and DNA because it is too functional haha. Even though this short film deals with sex, it does not give me uncomfortable, but it makes me fun. I do not recommend children to watch it for education, but I am sure it would be a good chance to know having sex is not so strange but normal. It is completely normal that a human body reacts when he/she meets someone attractive because emotions and body reactions are inseparable, and I think this film well depicts it.


  18. While I really enjoyed the clips we watched in class I think there are a lot of other films during this time which we did not cover. These films much like Vanishing Point had a lasting impact in both terms of stylization and production methods. In the early 70’s many new films were created that became stand outs and are still being used today. Star Wars was released in 1977 and launched a franchise that is still running strong today. The later to be retitled A New Hope episode 4 was budgeted at only 13 million dollars and was an instant success among fans earing over 460 million surpassing that of Jaws.
    Another smash hit of the 70’s was the Exorcist. The Exorcist was released in 1973 and was created with only 12 million dollars. This was a breakout success in the horror film genre and at its time was considered one of the scariest movies ever made. And of course when we talk about movies like Vanishing Point one should not forget Taxi Driver which was released in 1976 staring a young Robert Deniro. Much like Vanishing Point Taxi Driver was filmed on a very small budget of only 1.3 million dollars. This movie is still today considered a Cult Classic for its stylings and philosophical undertones.
    For a few more from this time period that were bigger budgeted movies one can look to Alien and Rocky which were released in the later half of the 70’s. All and all, the 70’s were a great time for movie goers with a newer approach towards more artistic movies that did not need a huge budget like their predecessors during the big studio age. Allowing an artistic vision to come to screen without the interference of big wig studio executives created this period of time which spawned some of my favorite movies as a child. I remember watching Young Frankenstein and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as a kid and loving them. Still today I love movies such as Apocalypse Now which is also a Cult Classic and Clint Eastwood in Dirt Harry.
    Looking back further I believe that many of todays movies are based upon this time when young directors came out of their shells and created these great works. We can still see all their names today on some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters such as the Coen Brothers and Steven Spielberg to name a couple. Now we are bridging a new generation of film. One that combines a lot of the old with the new. Movies such as Inglorious Bastards and the New Blade Runner are trying to take the old recipe for success and apply it with the new style of film making and I think this is a good thing.


  19. After watching weird and bizarre films during our Exploitation session, for the New American Cinema Session, Vanishing Point was so far a film that I may watch if I have any time. The film reminds me of one of the famous movie franchise that I really love, Fast and Furious. The film scenes that we watched during class explored more into cars being driven somewhere in a vast land of America. I think that theme expressed a lot of freedom which sums up what the film is all about; being able to freely express your own identity. I am not sure if it is a symbolism pattern for every film that consist with car chase scenes but the male lead role character’s personality tend to be cool and calm like in this film. Even though from all of the car chase scenes from the polices that he has been trying to escape with, he somehow does not panic at all and even executes a crazy stunts that police cars will not be able to chase after him. I also think that it also goes for the same with the nude motor bicycle lady. The fact that she rides a motor-bicycle tells about her wild and adventurous personality. For some reason, people who ride a motorcycle has that personality that wants to express themselves freely since there is that concept that there are more dangerous risks that can happen when riding the vehicle and that is how I see her character from that clip that we watched.
    Moving onto the technical aspect of the film, I really like how they added a rock-genre sound for the background music every single time there is a car scene chase. It somehow keeps the tension going on and excites the audience. I think that was one of the parts of the film that I really like and even consider as a strong point of the film. Compared to the other film Bullit Car Chase, there was no background music and no dialogues in the clip, which gives a different sensation about the film. I also like the shooting angles that they have taken. I thought about to myself when watching those car scenes and just thought that it could be scary to take those camera angles just to make those car chase montages. When watching the trailer of the film, I like how they used a broadcaster as a narrator of the film. Even though it was not like a direct narration where they introduce the cast but it was more like an actual radio broadcast that talks about being free and wild which the film is all about. Overall, I think we should have watched the whole film during class.
    After watching several clips of Vanishing Point, we watched yet another weird film that I would not regularly watch. Compared to the previous films in our Exploitation Session, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex was just a little bit weird. I was surprised that the doctor eventually had a strange sexual relationship with a sheep. At first, the doctor thought that the patient having a relationship with the sheep seemed odd but he eventually fell into like a different realism that the doctor became obsessed with the sheep. I think that part definitely made the audience feel weird and maybe even sickened but at the same time, it keeps the movie plot story having a good flow and becoming more interesting. Despite the weird relationship of the doctor and the fluffy sheep that became the main focus of the story, after the doctor finding out that the sheep was returned home from its owner, the doctor became really depressed and started to consume alcohol and smoke. That part somehow became related to our reality problems about people getting depressed and started to drink. Overall, this was yet another jaw-dropping films in a weird way that people would not really expect until they watch the film.
    Another part of the film was about the inside of a male sperm system. Even though it had a weird concept that I would never really think off, me and my friends found the short film funny. I like how their was humour in the story, or else I think people will have a different perspective about it. I like how the they were able to produce such content and I always think that films that usually have weird themes such as these films or any horror-genre films must have a weird mind. The film also reminds me of the Disney animated-film, Inside Out on how there are characters that operate a person’s body both physically and mentally. Instead of grossing out on the concept of the film, with the humour added to it was a big plus and it surely did entertain us audience.


  20. Vanishing Point

    Personally I am a huge fan of car chasing types of films so when Professor Karl screened parts of Vanishing Point I was through the roof excited. For me it is always a treat to see old movies like this, getting to see the film as it is and paying attention to the technical side of the film as well. As what was discussed in class, we already all know that this film only had a low budget of $1.6million. Despite the budget the result of the film was really successful. The location where this film was shot was jaw dropping. The landscapes worked really well in this film. The scene where he was just driving in the desert was beautiful. There were a lot of beautiful long shots of the car in the middle of the road just cruising. It in intrigued me to know how they had actually shot these. If they had used cranes or shot it from a helicopter. Nowadays I would think it be easily shot using drones though obviously the technology back then was not that advanced yet.
    However comparing to the camera works that we have seen in our previous screenings, the camerawork here has completely evolved.

    One thing that I have also noticed in this film also that was touched up a bit in class was the use of the background music. There were some scenes while the main character was driving that there was no background music. It was only focused on his driving so it was just the sound effects. The times when the background music was used it perfectly fit the feel of the film. The film used a western music and with a little touch of rock into it that pumps up the audience adrenaline.

    As we have seen in the film also, and was also discussed in class. There were definitely subjects that were a little bit liberated especially considering the time that it was filmed and produced. In the film they had shown different groups of people that represented reality in the western life such as the bikers, that one religious sect, people from the LGBT community, and drugs. When we saw the scene where the main character was being offered some sort of drugs I was a little caught off guard how casual was it. Also another very liberated scene was when the nude woman came to the picture. That was unexpected for me. It definitely raised a lot of thoughts in my head while as watching the scene. When she started talking, conversing with the guy some piano background music began playing. I didnt really feel like it matched the desert but I guess the director was trying to represent the girl in an innocent more free-spirited woman. Even in the way that she was carrying herself was very soft spoken. I was just not used to the whole nudity thing. Also I saw that the way that the other treated her was kind of rude. Im not talking about the main character but the other cowboy, he called he by yelling which I thought was a sign of authority over her and I think that represented how women were treated at the time it was a little bit inferior. However, comparing how women were being represented in the past films we have seen the sexual freedom in this film has progressed. I just find that very interesting that before you could not even show scenes unmarried people in the same bed and even if the couple is married they still have to be filmed in separate beds. Noticing things like this for me are very interesting because you see the change and progression in history through film.

    It was very interesting to know the achievements of this film has reached. Vanishing Point has opened doors for breakthroughs about some major issues in the US. Such as, the accepting of the public nudity, people becoming more open to contraception and legalization of abortion. I feel like the achievements are very well deserved because the film was very well executed despite a tight budget, it also covered and represented a lot of different groups of people that helped the relate and opened their minds. This film also challenged the audience regarding the storyline of the film itself. It makes the audience think about what really happened to the main character. The use of flashbacks was brilliant showing Kowalski’s past is what helped drive the story. Last but not the least the car used, I thought that there was some symbolic meaning Kowalski’s car was white, I thought it was supposed to represent him and the life that he is trying to live after racing but apparently when I did my research, the director just used white car because it contrasts so well with the landscapes background and looked really good in the shots.

    I really enjoyed watching this film and I know a lot of people are a fan of this too. The director did a good job on translating the speed of the car in film by the use of camera work, sound effects and music and make the audience feel the adrenalin of it. Which why a lot of car chasing lovers are a fan of this film. I just wish we had time to watch the full movie.


  21. The film Everything You Wanna Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask has the longest title ever of any film that I have known and as interesting and straightforward the title is, so is the film content. This is the most interesting screening discussion day in the whole semester of class I have attended. Now I recall why Professor Karl warned us about other films having graphic content. This film did ott particularly have so much nudity but the graphic content is left up to your imagination. Woody Allen is a very famous director that has a very high reputation. He makes himself known for his movies. His films are significantly brilliant as well like any other film of his own, in this particular film, he lives his audience in the edge of their seats, not the horror movie kind but in the edge of their seats as being entertained. This film is a different kind of entertainment. The last scene that Professor Karl showed us about where there was a whole factory controlling a man’s head while having a date with a lady then, later on, controlling the intercourse also I personally think was strangely entertaining. I thought the idea of focusing the story about what happens inside one man’s mind is brilliant and taking the most extreme situation which was the sex part was even more genius.

    I thought the scenes and the dialogues were so entertaining and funny. I thought that the last skit, in particular, is the funniest. This actually not the first time I have seen this particular scene. The first time that I saw the last skit about the ejaculation, it was a little bit cringing. Maybe because I was just not really used to seeing a concept like that. However, this second time I’m watching it I am able to enjoy it more. I7m now able to see it in a different light like just appreciating the humor and the genius behind this concept. It just makes me appreciate Woody Allen’s talent, to be able to think about a concept like this at that time is bizarre. I also see why this gained a lot of money because already the subject itself is catching plus the content. I also think that the portrayal of the sperm in the last skit was brilliant. How each sperm has a different personality. Their dialogues were very hilarious. Also, the ‘black sperm’ was hilarious as well. The whole portrayal of the sperm triggers the audience imagination at least for me it drove me to think like, oh if sperm cells have life would they be saying the same things? Jokes aside I thought that the portrayal of different parts of the body was very smart. He also did not miss a chance of putting different kinds of characters there on the last skit as well, like the black American and the priest. The scene with the priest was pretty interesting. What a stereotypical way to represent the good conscience part of the man’s brain with a priest and how the body’s heat of the moment won over it. The ending of this was also interesting when the people inside the man’s mind was celebrating the success and the shows the scene of the girl trying to go for the ‘next round’ was pretty hilarious.

    However, I have to say that the skit before this had a whole different feel to it. ‘What is Sodomy’ was, to be honest very uncomfortable to watch even it was already the second time for me to watch. The beginning of this scene did not really give me a hint that the whole skit was going to about a relationship between Gene Wilder and a sheep. Then once the sheep were brought into the skit every scene that comes after that was just very cringing. Woody Allen did not show any graphic image or nudity like I said it was just left into the audience imagination some of the things that were happening. I still gotta give Woody Allen credit for his courage to take on a concept like that. I thought that was a pretty bold move. I think these kinds of skit had a lot of intelligent thinking put into it. With regards to how they are going to deliver it because I think if its done wrong then it could easily be a disaster and there would be huge money put into waste.
    But anyway, I think overall, the skits were interestingly brilliant. The concept, the mysterious angles, the costumes, the props and the dialogues worked really well together. I also developed to appreciate films like this where it has a different kind of humor. The humor is dirty, yes but I don’t think it is childish which I think why it gained a lot of audiences because the humor was adult humor.


  22. Breakout session on new American cinema

    This breakout session was pretty cool. I was introduced to some new movies I don’t think I ever would have heard of let alone watched unless I was in the class. I really enjoyed Vanishing Point from a cinematography aspect and I can get where Karl was coming from saying it had a philosophical drive to it. It was definitely something new, and although it wasn’t likely to be light entertainment, it seemed worth watching. Also, I kind of liked the character Kowalski. I had never seen his actor before but I enjoyed how he did his thing. The remake of Vanishing Point seemed pretty bad, like they just figured it would make money because cars are cool and missed the whole point of the original movie. Also, I liked the camera movements and the music in Vanishing Point, and the weird vibes with the strange people he meets. It was a cool representation of all the strange and diverse characters of America, especially in such a time as the 70s, when anti-establishmentarianism was pretty big, and everybody was doing a lot of psychedelics and growing their hair out and not wearing clothes. I also am really interested in the landscape of the American West, so it was neat to see that—I think it’s something that’s romanticized in film, but I kind of dig it anyways. Wide open space with no people and a lot of sun and a lot of room to run. It’s also the concept of the spirit of the west, of American freedom, of expansion and rule-breaking and self-expression and discovery. Plus, you find scorpions and stuff in the desert, so that’s pretty cool too. I don’t know if there are any scorpions in this movie, but if there aren’t, there should be.
    The other movie that we watched was cool in a different way. Woody Allen was given a major studio contract to make this movie, Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex *But Were Too Afraid To Ask (what a mouthful!), and it turns out to have been one of his biggest financial successes. I think that’s because it’s a provocative title and subject, and because everybody probably does have a lot of things they want to know about sex, and they’re wondering how the hell it’s gonna get addressed in this movie. I think the movie is done well, in a lighthearted and funny way, and Gene Wilder is one of my favorite people in film and he does a really good job in his role as the doctor who falls in love with the sheep. I thought it was all gonna be a lot more shocking and obscene and kind of gross, but none of it was, and it managed to take a kind of cringe worthy topic and make you laugh because it was all really absurd. Karl also talked about the practice of pastiche, where you take elements and ideas from other movies and use them in your own, and he said a lot of the parts in the Woody Allen movie were referencing other movies, like the Ejaculation scene was a reference to 2001 A Space Odyssey. That’s my dad’s favorite film but I can’t say I’ve ever seen it, except this one really geeky kid in my middle school always used to say OPEN THE POD BAY DOORS, HAL!, which I think is some kind of reference. I thought it was cool how they portrayed our body as a bunch of different departments all working together trying to pull stuff off, like the stomach and the brain and the heart, and like, there was a lot of tension in that scene! We were really kept in suspense! On such a silly and weird topic, like, the process of achieving and maintaining an erection shouldn’t be that funny and accessible to everyone in the room, but they talked around it and made you forget that that was what happening.
    I think these were two very good films which wouldn’t be produced in the modern day due to high concept films taking over the market. It’s important to big studios to make a big return on their investment, which is good because it helps people make money and jobs, but also bad because it kind of ruins movies. High concept films are fun, but they’re not very interesting, and they’re not very memorable. You know what’s memorable? A doctor falling in love with a sheep.


  23. Vanashing point is actually a interesting film to watch but it is just never my type of movie to be hanging around. I feel like people who loves cars would be very interested in the movie. Don’t get me wrong, it does look interesting and fantastic but its just not me. However, I feel like movies like this is complicated to film because of the positioning you need. With the car constantly moving and you want the perfect spot and timing to capture the scene is just hard. Which is why I think whoever is an expert in these part is really good. Plus, the idea overall on how to film the scene makes them smart. It reminds me of the other car movies like Fast & Furious, and on some scenes they actually have to film and record at the same time which I think was really interesting. Because if you do fail the scene, you have to keep on repeating it and that is no simple work.

    Death Proof is one crazy movie. I actually stumbled the movie by accident while channel surfing and I had no idea what was going on. However, I felt like the recording of the movie was pretty simple because since it was often focus on the back seat of the car, they just had to stick a camera inside the car and use it for other purposes as well. It was also a gory type of movie, I think you could lable this to also horror? I m not exactly sure on this one.
    I was disgusted to the point I cant take it when the movie everything you always wanted to know about sex. At first I thought it was just a comedy scene but it turned out to be big part of the movie. I just cant get over the fact about this, I mean even though it is a movie, it looked real and could be happening in real life. I can never understand because at first the doctor look at the situation as crazy but the table turned when he met the sheep. You can tell that it gives off a different vibe to the audience when the doctor gets close to the sheep compared to the other guy. Doctor, is considered as a high profession, possibly a high class or middle class, is seen as weird when he was close to the sheep. However, people have different opinion when the other guy is attracted to the sheep too. Which I think was a little weird at the same time. Is there anything social status related in the movie? The movie took its own sweet time to build up too which usually show throw me off however with this kind of movie, people are curious and they are actually interested and want to learn more about the movie. This leads them to forgetting how long the movie is and will just continue watching which is a way to keep audience off their feet. I have not watch the movie and I and not planning to watch it either. It confuses me so much but at the same time, Woody Allen is crazy. I can only wonder on what was going on with everyone when he planned of making this movie.


  24. Vanishing Point I managed tos it down and watch, It’s interesting how the movie starts out, instead of introducing the character, he’s already on the run.

    The imagery really encapsulates the “American” aesthetic, large barren landscapes that I’m all too familiar with having grown up in the Midwest. Lots of brown and green imagery, small isolated towns and the open road between them. The dodge challenger muscle car is in some ways our main character another element that’s heavy on the American symbolism. Kowalski, the actual protagonist comes across as your average joe. What’s interesting about him is what we don’t know, which isn’t much until it’s piecemealed throughout the film in short little flash back sequences.

    It’s easy to see why this is one of the quintessential films that inspired what would come after it. I really enjoyed the stunt work and the cinematography was fantastic. At times it’s over the top, but even so it never loses its sense of realism and grit. I feel like this is one of those films you’ll understand more and more through multiple viewings.

    The situation our protagonist finds himself in all starts because he simply didn’t pull over, for what came across to me as just a normal violation stop. And it all escalates more as the film progresses.

    The ending I did not expect to say the least, spoilers obviously but Kawalski is met with two bouldozers bloacking his path, similar to the roadblock from the beginning of the film where Kowalski pulled a U-turn. This time he smiles and presses on, only to come suddenly crashing to his death. Maybe this is where the term, “going out in a blaze of glory” came from? I was shocked by the ending, it’s not what you’d typically expect, but it certainly one I won’t forget. I’m willing to bet the terrible looking 1997 remake ends quite a bit differently. I liked this movie quite a bit.

    I also watched everything you always wanted to know about sex. I think Ive seen this before but its been so long Ive forgotten it all. One scene that wasn’t shown in class was a bit on Frankenstein, in the form of a single monster sized lactating breast which Woody Allen’s character has to lead into a bra, followed by a sherrif saying hes going to take a nipple print and put the breast on probation. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing lol. The film is insane at times but always in a clever, this was a hilarious satire. It also seems to push the envelope on many issues, some of which are relevant today with the whole trans thing. One segment called ” are all transgenders homosexuals?” Shows a straight guy dressing up in woman’s clothing and pretending to be a woman, but still is straight only to be followed by a commercial skit for some sort of aftershave or body wash with a couple very typical straight male looking guys, only to then have them start making out in the background. But anyways overall it was a funny satire. I enjoyed this movie as well. My favorite skit from the movie was definitely the adultry sheep scene with Gene Wilder. Its almost hard to believe this was a main stream movie, especially considering it came out in 1972, I would assume this is one of the earlier mainstream satire/parody of this kind. A lot of the big movie titles that come to mind, from people like Mel Brooks came in the years to follow, aside from maybe The Producers. But its also maybe a little surprising that this movie had as much success as it did with all the, what some might consider provocativing imagery and some of the hot button topics the film sometimes touches upon. But perhaps people were wanting something different, in that case this certainly provided it.


  25. Vanishing Point compared to 60s movies was very fast and had a lot of camera movement. The clips we watched in class were wonderful visually. The wide angle shots were amazing and I noticed that it gets really loud for some of the chase scenes, with no dialogue. Watching an example of a car chase from a 60s movie, showed us how movies improved. The movie Fear Is the Key shooting style was close to Vanishing Point. Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Sex was a really weird movie to watch but funny at the same time. Gene Wilder is such an amazing actor that he was able to get through this film and give an incredible performance. It was also sad to see his movies after he passed away. I think it was really clever to use a sheep as the lover. Because it gave the movie a more funny aspect. However, when you think more about it you could see a direct message behind it. The clip we watched in class was about a doctor who falls in love with a sheep! What was surprising to know, even with all the weirdness in the movie, it was a hit for it’s time and many people liked it. “What Happens during Ejaculation?” was really weird but fun at the same time. It reminded me of two different moviess, the first one is Meet Dave and the other one is Inside Out. Here are the links for both movies: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0765476/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_12 ,, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2096673/?ref_=nv_sr_1 Woody Allen is in this film and he plays a very nervous sperm who is afraid of what will happen. It was really funny to see the director plays a sperm.


  26. As the theater attendance was declining in 1960s, I think the director driven auteur type films were perfect for bringing something different. The new American cinema era is very short, yet they created some films that would remain a strong impact until now. It is sad that the blockbuster trend kicked in quickly leaving the artistic power to the producers instead of the directors.
    The actors were also trained professionals mostly from New York along with the directors which went to film schools. This probably explains the very high quality of the acting and the shots seen in new American film. Around 1967, the big studios were still producing films such as Camlot, Guess who’s coming to dinner, our man flint, James Bond, and so on. People knew it was not selling as much as it did before, but they were afraid to try new things because of the large risk. Maybe this was one reason why the auteur style film was able to become popular. They could easily try a different thug with risky subjects and it matched with the audience’s preference at that time.
    When the idea of Bonnie and Clyde was first introduced to warner brothers, they were very hesitant of the film and they only gave it a limited release in the theaters. However, it became a hit in England even creating a boom in fashion inspired by the film. It made me think of how people have such different perspectives and you never really know how a film is going to do until the audience actually watches it. It made me think that there is always a possibility of becoming a successful film and you should get as many perspectives as you can (not even limited to film) before judging your own work. I also felt that a tough mentality and strong confidence is a must in the film making industry. Haha
    Another unexpected box office hit was the graduate. Mike Nicholas sign on as director and he went against on almost every studio filmmaking strategy. He threw away the original screenplay and asked a comedy writer to write the script from scratch. For the main male character, he chose an unknown Jewish actor in New York instead of a tall blond “typical” Hollywood type protagonist. These were probably all possible because he had the say in the creative decisions. It received unfavorable reviews from critics in the older generations. (who were established and famous) Most of them said that they feel offended by the depiction of their generation, but after hearing these reviews, the younger generation started heading out to the theaters to see what the fuss was all about. This lead the film to a successful earning. This is interesting how a negative review actually creates curiosity towards the film and as a result, many people go and watch it. I think I do the same thing when I see some film that has a really bad review. From these two successful films, I think the big studios finally noticed that people want something different than before. Especially when most people had television, film had to offer something different than what television can do.
    Easy Rider was another film that represents the new American cinema era. The film broke many rules of Hollywood filmmaking like improvisation of the dialogue and mismatches of continuity. They used actors such as Jack Nicholson who was on the verge of giving up his job in the business. I like how b films and the new American cinema really gave unrecognized actors and directors a chance. Roger Corman was also one important person who played an important role in creating the new American cinema era. He was never afraid to hire and give chances to unknown artists. He discovered infamous directors such as Francis Coppola and Peter Bogdanovich.
    There is one quote from a director in the new American cinema age, John Cassavetes.
    “The most difficult thing in the world is to reveal yourself, to express what you have to. As an artist, I feel that we must try many things – but above all we must dare to fail. You must be willing to risk everything to really express it all.” 
    He worked with big Hollywood productions and directed 2 films such as “Too Late Blues” and “A child is waiting.” After working on these 2 films, he produced a film independently called “Faces.”it is said that he is portraying the conflict and struggles he faced with the top executives of Hollywood studios. He had a very hard time understanding their views. I think this experience influenced him to say this quote, but I think these describes so much about the new American cinema era and how directors were struggling to get their works out when the big studios were saying no.


  27. When exploring the era of New American Cinema, what stood out the most to me was the movie Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Too Afraid To Ask. First of all, the title itself is attention grabbing; it is the longest title I have ever heard. The title also grabs my curiosity because it suggest that it’ll tell me things that I have always wanted to know. When I heard the title, I was expecting that the movie was going to have strong sexual content and a lot of nudity. Basically I thought it would be an educational porno with narrator telling the audience what is going on during the sex scenes. I was happy to see that the movie was much different than I expected. It turned out to be actually very funny. Each scene gives a scenario in which they ask a question and the movie sarcastically answers it in interesting ways. For example, in the scene that asks “What is Sodomy?” a man goes to the doctor asking him to help with the fact that his lover doesn’t love him anymore. The lover turns out to be a sheep. The doctor recognizes that the idea is crazy but still proceeds to take the “patient.” The doctor soon begins to fall for the sheep and has a relationship with her. The director’s portrayal of this subject was hilarious. The doctor was so in love with the sheep that he left his wife and lost his job for the sheep. The idea that the portrayal was so dramatic and used an extreme case showed that the director was mocking Sodomy. It was interesting to see but also very strange. Even though it’s a real thing, its unfathomable that someone could actually be in love with an animal. The other scene that we watched in class, “What happens during ejaculation?” was also a comedic and fictional portrayal. I liked the use of the concept of small people being inside of the brain controlling everything that the person does. It was very funny to see the brain control people’s role during sex. First they had to make sure the date went well because they wanted him to sex because it had been awhile. Then when the guy was about to sex, you could see the brain control people going crazy in preparation for it. I thought it was amusing when the people who controlled the erection could not make it happen. But when they finally did, one of the sperm was too scared to be ejaculated. It was sad that he didn’t know what could happen to him. He could either fertilize the egg and become a baby or die off. This part was quite clever to me. If the guy was using condom then the sperm would definitely die but the sperm was not aware because that is a different control center in the brain. The idea of people being in the brain control center was a nice addition to film and tv. I have seen it on Family Guy and Rugrats. I think this movie would be quite interesting to watch in full. I enjoy what I refer to as goofy or silly movies. For example, movies like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle or Scary Movie. So I will definitely try and watch this movie one day.


  28. Since I was not there to watch the clips given in class, I decided to watch the movie “Everything you always wanted to know about sex* but were afraid to ask” in it’s entirety. I broke the movie down into each section and wrote my thoughts on each one since they are all different.

    Do aphrodisiacs work?
    This was an interesting choice to use as the beginning the the film. The dress and accents used weren’t what I had expected for this movie. I then realized it was most definitely a spoof piece. The way the joker looks into camera (this is what I can beaver shooting when he is trying to open the chastity belt) makes it seem silly and clues the audience in to not take it seriously.
    He also uses juxtaposition when he references another part in time (this happens when he says “I must move faster because soon it will be the renaissance and we will all be painting”). This movie seems like it is going to have a post modern feel with many of the post modern film style markers throughout.

    What is sodomy?
    Odd the way that the doctor stroked Daisy and said he would want to see her alone.
    It felt off naturally when he went to the hotel room with the sheep.
    The funniest part for me was the jewelry he bought for the sheep. The way they treated the sheep was that of a person. Even down to having the sheep wear sexy underwear. The scene where he is on the street at the end drinking what you think is beer but it turns out to be woollite is a great pun.

    Why don’t women get organisms as easy?

    This section was in all Italian and the film version I was watching didn’t have an English subtitle option so it was a bit difficult to follow. From what I could tell, it seemed like this guy was tying everything to pleasure the women but with no success. She finally warms up to him in a store. They start having sex in random stores.

    Are transvestites homosexuals?

    It was fun seeing the man dressing up in the women’s dress when no one was around. He seemed so happy and excited. It was quite funny to see him hanging out the window as well. This section did show that anyone can be a cross dresser even someone who seems like a normal family man. The fact that the whole seen became a big deal with the purse being stolen made this a funny story plot. The huge difference from the time periods is the ending of this part where the wife says that he should have told her because she would have understood but then she says you could have come to me and said “I have a diseased mind, I’m unfit to function with normal decent people. I need treatment.” This was her way of telling him he will be okay once he is treated but not excepting him in his current mind.

    What are sex perverts?

    The commercial at the beginning is totally normal until the two men start making out which caught me by surprise. The movie then changed to an odd television trivia show. The guests on the show are trying to guess a man perversion which was touching himself on a subway. I think the point in this section is to make being “perverted” or having a fetish normalized. They are putting peoples fetishes on display and putting things that are normally behind closed doors in front of an audience

    Are the findings of doctors in sex research clinics accurate?

    As the professor and the young reporter walk up the the door it as eerie feel to it. The man who answers the door is a scary looking hunchback. The doctor wips the hunchbacked man and tells him to go back to his room. This whole scene reminds me of an old classic scary movie. It seems they are trying to play the doctor off as a mad scientist. They are making fun of the fact that sexual research doctors aren’t taken seriously. You definitely get a mad scientist vibe when they walk into his lab. Of course like any scary movie, they are somehow out of gas (after they met at a gas station only moments before) and then a giant breast emerges out of the lab. From what I’ve been so far in this movie, satire and humor is something that can’t be avoided. The film then moves into an odd monster film “The attack of the killer tit”. I couldn’t help but crack up when the blob boob was spitting milk at him as he held up a cross.

    What happens during ejaculation?
    The use of a space station type office setting for the human bodies system was perfect. It’s exactly like I would have produced it. I love the imagery that they created to see the inside of the human body from a human perspective rather then cellular. The sperms were my favorite part as they were like an army.

    Over all I enjoyed the movie as a comedy and it seemed to be inappropriate for it’s time but appropriate in a lot of ways for the current time period if taken as a satire piece.


  29. Even though Monty Python is not American, I found it fitting that their name came up during the lecture. The reason why I thought this was because I experience the same phenomenon when trying to introduce friends to Monty Python films as I do when I want to introduce friends to the great comedy from the U.S. from this same period (Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, Dom DeLuise, Gene Wilder, Steve Martin, and the list goes on and on) It is not just the difference between British dry humor and American slap stick, but it has more to do with the mind of folks making comedy in this era.

    Although much of the class laughed at “Everything you always wanted to know about sex,” I am certain that the full nuance of the humor was lost on most of the non-American students and the young Americans who have never been exposed to this old material. I was lucky enough to be fully exposed to all things about classic America and British cinema because I grew up without a television and was at the mercy of my families old VHS collection which was obviously built on their tastes rather than my whim on some streaming platform. Nestled among the musicals of the 50’s and 60’s that my Mother loved and the low concept dramas of the 60’s and 70’s that my father loved, were gems of comedy that I grew to absolutely love. Having been exposed to these films and having fond memories of their humor, I would often try to view the films with friends when I was feeling nostalgic in my 20’s. Almost every time I merely heard crickets from my friends. It was not that they didn’t always understand the jokes, but that why they were so funny was simply a mystery to them. Roughly 90% of the jokes in Blazing Saddles would not register on the non-american as “as hilarious as I think they are”, or maybe as incredibly offensive to the young American of today. But that being said, that film in an incredible social commentary that has a special place in comedic history.

    Something happened in the 60’s and 70’s in the New Cinema that allowed comedians to explore uncharted territory. Sometimes it was slightly racist, sometimes it was disgusting, but the truly great comedy films of this era use the fact that they are allowed to explore taboo and off-color material to their advantage. The comedies in this period seem more esoteric and sophisticated then Step Brothers and SuperBad. I enjoy the clever play on words, nuanced references, raw cultural criticism, and wacky ineptitude of the main characters. Even though I may not be able to share my love of these films with anyone other than people of that generation, it is still unarguable that the Mel Brooks and Woody Allen comedies are masterpieces of comedic art. I argue that comedy has gone downhill in recent decades and comedic screenwriters of today should look to these films for inspiration.


  30. Since I wasn’t able to watch the clips in class, I decided to watch Vanishing Point at home in my free time. I wasn’t too impressed. Here are my thoughts throughout the film:

    The opening scene was the movie was a bit confusing. If I hadn’t gotten the write up as to what the film was about, I don’t think I would have understood what was happening at all. The scene seemed to be showing off the stunt man’s ability to drive. Its also quite confusing really why he is so persistent in his need to drive around rather then take care of his well being. Product placement can be seen throughout the film as well and starts with the main character drinking a Cola in the shop before he finds another car. The language used was fast and hard to understand sometimes even for a native English speaker. The movie was pretty slow for my taste until the scene with the cops and the girl. That woke me up and made me keep my attention although I’m not sure how it played into the plot of the film it was an intense scene that showed that the cops are corrupt and immoral. The fact that there was minimal talking in the movie made me understand why this movie might have been popular in other countries. Before the class, I had never heard of this movie. Honestly I didn’t really like it. I felt it was a bit slow for my taste which is ironic because it is a film about a guy that drives fast. The scene when his car tire pops and the snake comes out was pretty silly. The fact that this random snake keeper just randomly happens to show up was pretty unrealistic. I didn’t quite understand why there was a “Love Jesus” event going on in the middle of the dessert. Maybe this is a cultural difference that I don’t understand due to the fact that this was made in the 70’s but it seemed a little bizarre. It seemed like a cult gathering. The next scene that was a bit odd was with the two men that he picks up off the side of the road. The men try to steal his car but are unsuccessful. The girl in the movie that seems to be naked all the time, is a slut from the current American or even Japanese worldview of the word honestly. Maybe during that time period walking around naked all the time is respectable (highly doubtful) but not in current society.The scene where she asks him if he wants something over and over was odd. She seemed like she was just asking him if he wanted sex. It made me wonder if the director had ever been with a women because it just doesn’t work that way. I also was thinking about how unrealistic it is to ride a motorcycle naked. I have rode on many motorcycles and I can’t tell you one that would be comfortable to ride on naked not to mention its in the dessert so that seat has got to be hot! This whole scene was very unrealistic. Overall I wasn’t really impressed with the film. I didn’t feel the acting was that great nor the story plot really that appealing. Having read what I said about the opening scene, I think I feel that way about the whole movie after watching it.


    1. Full Analytical Analysis of Vanishing Point:

      As a precursor to analysis, I would like to discuss the difficulties in doing an analytical analysis of a piece. The difficulty in doing an analytical analysis is bias. Although personal opinion is hardly avoidable in an editorial piece such as an artistic criticism, the author should attempt to consider the producers perspective, as well as others perspectives. This is vital to an artistic critic because otherwise it is just a one sided and bias. Much like any argument, the chastising is better versed if it considers different perspectives and has multiple observations. In this way, an analysis should be done with an open mind and keeping all opinions in mind.

      Most of the movie was not particularly my taste but nonetheless I did my best to unravel the elements of each scene and give an open minded critic of my interpretation. Working on keeping the producers perspective in mind, I’m hoping to explain my emotions during the film.

      Centrality of performance in everyday life is a hidden theme that I found in this film. Certain aspect looked to replicate potential situation we have in everyday life but break them from the logical placement we have in our minds. An example of this in the film is the use of a car being the central theme of the film. We have access to cars on a daily bases but do not see them in the light or ability that the film presents. The ideology that the audience member is part of a car chase along with the main character is the main conceptual reasoning behind the film. The director wants the audience to feel the thrill of a car chase.

      This film was an example of postmoderism cinema because it presents the unpresentable using multiple platforms. It also does not use pre-established rules of film. The normal rules of film would be to be a fairly easy to follow plot presenting a story to an audience with a beginning, middle, and end. This performance used minimal platforms, in the car and occasionally the towns the car passes through. Due to its unique platforms, it shouldn’t be judge by pre-established judgements. It is a different format then the average film of that time. The representation of situations and long shot frames makes this film closely related to the layouts of modern indie films.

      This performance is definitely rehearsed and was extremely tangible with bonded events. Even though the events were bonded through time and space as well as the reappearance of characters. The reappearance of the characters caused confusion for the audience as the driver was supposed to be in different locations. He seemed to be always running into the same people which didn’t make conceptual sense to the story plot.

      The use of sex and female objectification was a key tactic to keep the audiences attention. In order to break up the drawn on car scenes, the producer used sex to grab the attention of the audience. This seems to be a cheap and easy way to get the audience to watch further when the plot and story line is failing to entertain.

      The negative aspects of this performance is the confusion of the plot and the ultimate understanding of the story. I was very confused as to what was going on and had a hard time drawing a conclusion to the story that was being presented. It seemed with all the interaction of the driving scenes, the performance lost the ability to evoke meaning to certain segments other then their ability to show his movement. With the idea of the car chase being the main plot to the film, the director could have done a better job making the audience feel involved in the chase. This could have been done by having an inside car camera angle rather then just outside of the car. This filming tactic has been used in many major motion pictures involving car chases such as the Fast and Furious franchise. Having said this, one must take into consideration that this film was done in 1972 and there was less access and ability to do such stunts.

      Overall, the film did not leave a lasting impression but more of a confusion. I still was unsure why he would want to live in the life of being chased constantly and why he reacted the way he did to people that tried to assist him. The audience to his stunt, saw him as a rebel and in this way he was somewhat seen as a hero. This idea directly correlates to the ideology of that time period. During the 70’s, there was a strong need to go against the system and rebel to create a self sustaining anti-establishment movement. Understanding the history of the time period that this film was produced in, one can assume that is the cause for its popularity. The main character had a need to rebel against the system and even though he didn’t “save” anyone or really change much about the system, everyone effected by it were rutting him on. In this case, it was a riot or protest against the police force. The irony of it is that the main character didn’t seem to be doing it as a protest but only due to a bet.


      1. Please check my handout on BB for some background info. Since the philosophy the film was based on was one of 1970s, as well as many cultural aspects (religious cult movements, nudity, free sexuality, the awakening of LGBT etc.), it is a bit challenging to interpret it without having been in class. But it is interesting to read about your feelings!


  31. Everything you wanted to know about sex but were too afraid to ask, interestingly enough the first scene was just film footage about rabbits, rabbits in which we always use the phrase “breed like rabbits”. Meaning to reproduce very fast in a short amount of time which breaks the barrier for audiences that this film as its titled will go into many different aspects about sex. Even the song used in the first 3 minutes of the film which had constant lyrical lines as “Let’s misbehave”. The film was straight forward and cuts to the questions most people would have about sex. Do Aphrodisiacs Work? What is Sodomy? Why Do Some Women Have Trouble Reaching an Orgasm? Are Transvestites Homosexuals? What Are Sex Perverts? Are the Findings of Doctors and Clinics Who Do Sexual Research and Experiments Accurate? And lastly What Happens During Ejaculation? These are sensitive and yet curious topics for the audience so what better way to make it more easy and comfortable for the audience to accept what the film has to say about these questions than to relate it to events, news/stories/rumors, thoughts and experiences the audience might have already had. The film also plays around with a little bit of comedy to try and make the audience more comfortable watching it. In the first part about Aphrodisiacs, the Jester played by Woody Allen tries to make love to the queen as told by his father’s spirit a reference to Hamlet, by giving her an aphrodisiac given to him by a sorcerer though it works his plans were foiled by a chastity belt. They answered the question that aphrodisiacs do work but during the times the scene was set it in it was common that most royal females wore chastity belts. Woody Allen made it more comfortable for the audience by making many sexual puns and jokes such as “I fell on my bells” or “This is what I called beaver shooting” when he tries to break open her chastity belt with a pike. Next to What is Sodomy? Gene Wilder plays a married doctor whom falls in love with a sheep belonging to one of his patients. While they try to explain the term of sodomy they also bring up the problem of bestiality which is something the audience though they would know, they would not understand why a person would commit such an act with an animal. This part of the films tries to explain that it’s a psychological problem that some people have that they would feel ecstasy from other things that humans cannot provide. That they would have sex with anything that could provide them such an ecstasy, this segment of the film reaches out to people whom know of such acts committed in rumors by farmers. It also speaks out for people who are in the furry fandom. The next question on Women who have trouble reaching orgasm, though this section of the film is spoken in Italian it speaks of people whom find sexual excitement outside of the norm. The norm being that they get sexually excited in privacy, others find the thrill of sexual excitement out in the open or in public places, whether the chance they might get caught performing such acts or being watch, the film answers the question that people find reaching orgasm in different forms other than the norm. In which I think the film also reaches out to the audience whom would be excited of the thought to be having sex out in public. The next part of the film played by Lou Jacobi as a middle age married man experimenting with his wife’s clothing. I think that the films show that some men are just curious about the clothing of the opposite sex. Its does not make them homosexuals but it just explores the curiosity some men feel about women and their clothing on how their clothing makes them feel pretty and confident in their sexuality and yet does not make them homosexuals. What are sex perverts, filmed in the form of a television game show in black and white. The contestants try to guess the others sexual perversion. But before the game show began they had an advertisement for men’s hair care products with two men whom later blurred out in the background began to make out. To me this part of the film talks about all kinds of things that can get a person sexually excited, it talks about homosexuality a bit with the advertisement for men’s care products. The film tries to make what others deems as disgusting, funny by filming it as a game show. Are Sexual Research and Experiments accurate, to me it still a question many audience are wondering up to this day whether what research has concluded about sexuality and sexual activities true or not as there has been no definitive answer as it keeps on changing. They parodied this part of the film to Frankenstein’s monster and the Blob to try and get audience the feeling that these sexual experiments and research conducted are not always correct and that sometimes the drugs that pharmaceutical companies produce to improve sex life has disastrous effects. Kind of a warning to audience to not always believe in what research and experimentation concluded by doctors and clinics. The final scene of what happens during ejaculation. Where the sperm are represented by paratroopers and the other parts of the body in a man is represented by people from different jobs which represents the different parts of the body who are organized by a mission control center in the brain. While very comedic the film shows that everything that happens in the human body has a chain reaction where one thing affects another. That everything that happens during sex is explainable by science and it is comedically represented in the film as men with different jobs operating a male body. In my opinion though the film cannot cover every aspect of sexual curiosity they have covered a good amount of important questions that people at the time were wondering about. I am sure that if this film was remade in the 21st century. It would be a much longer film as there are many aspects to sexuality that have changed over the years. To me the film answered rather embarrassing questions about sex that people had by making it into very comedic scenarios.


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