Your Recommendation For Future Students of This Course


What would you recommend future students to do in order to get the maximum out and gain a good grade for this course?


21 thoughts on “Your Recommendation For Future Students of This Course

  1. What I would recommend for the future stunt of this class is do the blogs. What I’ve realized from blogging in this course is that even if you made a original blog post and left a comment blog post for every post you still won’t get the best grade. So in order to get a good great you need to make multiple blog post for every film or discussion, and on the side try to leave as many comments as you can. This maybe the case because some people blog too much and raze the boundaries but regardless its always good to blog more and keep your grades up and safe. In this class nothing is more important then the blogs. Also it’s important to study before the final exam to because that’s the second biggest part of the course. The exam can be studied for at the end of the semester but the blogging really needs a lot of time and effort and leavening back blogs is almost like giving up. I did an original blog post for every movie and discussion and left comment yet I feel like my grade is high enough. If I were to take the class again I would make 2 original blog posts for every movie and discussion so I know I will be in the safe zone. Also to get maximum points speaking up in class and attendance is also a must. So to get maximum points you have to do everything, and cannot do okay or bad at anything. Getting the maximum points maybe difficult but again getting an A is never easy. So I would reccoment anyone who is talking this class in the future to do everything to the fullest and pay the most attention to the blogs and they should be fine.

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  2. I thought the choice of films was very good, and represented the different genres and themes of film throughout the ages quite well. One suggestion about the lineup of these films would be to play them more in order, as I know we had to jump around a little bit. Also, it would of been nice to see some more of the films that were scheduled, so maybe if the presentations were a bit shorter or if there were allotted days for both presentation and discussion, maybe there would be enough time to screen everything. Because of class size it’ll probably be difficult for everyone to be heard, therefore I believe it is important to have a class where there can be open discussion. Therefore it’ll give the more quiet students a chance to jump in. Otherwise I thought this class was very fun and engaging, thanks again Karl!


    1. Also I’d like to add that in terms of getting a good grade in this course, really it is important to pay attention during the powerpoints and write down facts and numbers as they come along. There is so much information scattered throughout the powerpoints that if someone is trying to study for the final after not taking notes/paying attention they may get a little overwhelmed. A lot of what is important is repeated in class as well, so to save the effort.


      1. The second part is right on the money. Even if you are a champion blogger, if you don’t study the power points you are going to be hurting really bad when the final test comes around.


  3. Blogging is at the core of this class, and it is not so hard. I would recommend taking 30 minutes after class to write down an entry while everything is still fresh in your mind. Write impressions and thoughts, try analysing it yourself first before taking in anything that’s already been said. It is a good exercise for your own critical thinking, and will benefit you for the rest of your life.

    Secondly, discussions also play an important role in this class. If you are shy like I am, you’d probably be scared by this comment but don’t be. I found myself really wanting to take part in the discussions a lot of times because they get pretty interesting if films are your thing. Put your hand up, don’t think too much. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

    As for the final quiz, I would say that it is for the most part fair, and you will do well if you’ve paid enough attention throughout the semester. I have to admit that I was not prepared for a few numbers and names that were required in the questions, so watch out for those questions.


  4. The most important thing is to blog. Don’t put it off and think you will catch up with an all night session. Just do it after the movie is finished. It really isn’t hard once you start typing to get out 350+ words.

    Pay attention to the slides. They are all on blackboard, and they are easy to review. If you are able to, bring them up in class. And really take in what the slides have to say. A few members in our class got derailed when it come to budgeting, and just started making their own assumptions about what kind of movie is a flop, and what a success is.

    Speak up in class. Even if its just a question or a silly comment about the film. The speaking points in the class are so easy to get. Through my time at TUJ, I have noticed some of the Japnese students are really shy about speaking up in class. Please don’t be! Everyone really wants to know what your opinion is!

    Lastly, go into every movie with an open mind. Even if you don’t think you are going to like the movie, just give i a chance. Karl really knows what he is doing when it comes to picking the films. I think everyone found at least a few things they liked about every film this semester.

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  5. I’d recommend students to try to get involveded in the class because students can reach to unexpected perspectives, in a good way, with various degrees with a professor and classmates. There are two reasons.
    First, I have been able to watch movies that I wouldn’t pick up if the movies were not the requirements to watch in the class session; therefore, by watching those movies and genres that I had never known, I could expand my perspective and thoughts toward American film industries and its history.
    Secondly, I could share thoughts with our classmates. There are various people who have various historical and regional background; therefore, like the first one I mentioned, I could see what our classmates thought and felt toward each film that we watched during the class session. Some opinions impressed me a lot and gave me other angles of perspectives against the movies.
    In conclusion, I enjoyed the class. The atmosphere in the class made students involved in discussions and allowed to speak up opinions.
    I’d appreciate Karl for giving us the opportunity to touch the other fields of cinema industry.


  6. Blogging is the most important element of this course and it covers 50% of your total grade. Blogging regularly will help passing this course a lot. I procrastinated many blogs and had to do everything almost in a week and which wasn’t good idea. Also if you’re wondering or worrying about your grade its better to ask Professor Karl as soon as possible. He will always give some time to each students to talk about your grades and its super helpful. He is very kind and gave you many suggestions to bring your grade higher.

    Slides are really helpful to keep on track whats being discussed in the class. If you’re puzzled, going back to class slides will solve most thing or even ask questions to Karl that will raise your discussion points as well. Thank you for the wonderful semester!


  7. The most important thing for this course is obviously blog! Even though Karl was kind enough to tell us to blog each time in class, I didn’t take it seriously to be honest. I have work and 4 other classes, so I couldn’t spend my time on blogging than I should have. I thought it would be doable to catch up with blogs even though I was behind them. But it wasn’t that easy than I thought it was. So I definitely want to suggest to blog no matter how busy you are. I think you should get at least 6 points for one blog including the original post and comments but if you don’t want to get panicked at the end of semester, it’s safe to do more blogs.

    Also, discussion is really importatnt. No one cares if you are shy, and criticize for what you say, so don’t be shy and speak up. And for the quiz, the power points do help. It’s multiple choice, but I suggest to memorize the contents as much as you can.

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    1. Yeah I agree, I feel like a lot of people were able to express their thoughts through this blog system we had but once we got in the class, it was usually the same 4 people talking in class.

      I’m guilty of not talking in class because I didnt wanna sound dumb and didnt really speak up.

      I mentioned this in my blog post as well but the 5 points Karl gives you for discussion goes a long way to improving your grade


  8. if i have to leave any suggestions for the future students in the course, i would say that DO THE BLOG. As we already know that the blog take a huge percentage for the total grade, blog as more as you can, and do it fast! what am i saying that doing fast? because it is better that you write down what you though right after the screening or lecture or it is very likely to be struggling for your grade in the end of the semester. Also, commenting on other’s post is also important and it is interesting to discuss the topic with others yet you don’t know their true identities. Also, for the class discuss, i would also recommended that trying to say something in class, anything would help but don’t just not trying at all.
    Furthermore, the powerpoint helps a lot for the quiz. although the quiz is at the end of the semester but don’t wait until that. start reviewing it before at least one week from the quiz.


  9. Blog is most important thing in this course because blog cost overall 50 percent. I will recommend future students blog right away after the class because you will get a lot of idea during the class discussion so you would have a lot of stuff to writ and you do not need to do the crazy last minutes’ work. For the quiz expect the power point I think blog also a good way to review for this time there are some of the answer people can found in the blog post. Power point slides is really helpful when people write their blog. Personally I do not like talk to in front of people, I think if people like me I would suggest do the blog as many as possible!!!


  10. What I think first thing the most important thing what we have to do in this class is blogging because it covers 50%, so it is obviously really important, but I haven’t realized until my grade haven’t improved at all. Karl is so kind professor because he told us most everything what we have to do for passing this course, and he gave us the extra time for dealing with the blog. I have to appreciate him that I can improve to get my grade more higher and higher. For the recommendation to the students who will take this course in future, it is absolutely blogging and if you like to talk you have to gain discussion points.


  11. It’s difficult to say what future students should know because you’ve said it to us time and time again over the course of the semester. Do the blogging. Blog a lot. Most of your grade is dependent on your blogs, so make it a habit as soon as possible. Pay attention in class of course, your quizzes have a lot of nuance and the lectures cover some of this. Don’t skip a class if you can afford it, just looking at the slides is nowhere near the same as having Karl explain them in his own words and alternate between slides and movie trailers.

    Keep track of movie dates, it’s a lot harder to obtain points if you submit constant late entries, so blog quickly. Have fun with the blogs, there’s essentially no wrong answer to a blog, it’s mainly your thoughts on the topic discussed. Enjoy the opportunity and try not to view it as a chore but as a means of expressing yourself. Pay attention to the films. Even if you’re incredibly uninterested, pay attention to the movie and understand what’s happening, it’ll make blogging about that movie so much easier because you’ll have your memory to go off of instead of a brief synopsis you googled. If there’s something you’re passionate about really hone in on it if applicable, if you really like monster films go crazy in the B-Movie section. Karl isn’t stingy with points, if you blog a lot and blog consistently your score will rise, so make a lot of posts. Even if you’re only giving 100-200 word responses, your posts will add up if you make them frequently.

    Lastly, Have fun and enjoy the exposure to movies you’ve most likely never seen before. Karl shows a wide range of films and chances are you’ll find at the bare minimum one or two entertaining enough to inspire you to blog heavily, even if it’s only about a particular scene.

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  12. Obviously blogging is a huge part of this course, and if I could do it again I would definitely blog more and try to be even more involved in the discussion. Blog right after every screening so that the information/story is fresh in your mind. Another thing I recommend is to take notes on the screenings. I think this makes it easier to blog and also to study for the final quiz! Also to comment on any blog post that you feel like you can respond to, even if it’s just to agree, I think is a good way to stay involved in the discussion when it’s outside of class.

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  13. BLOG is the first one of course.
    I’ve spent so much time cramming in last minute blogs that seriously hurt my grade and timing with other courses im taking right now. Waiting until the last minute to do these blogs are no fun and a terrible idea because THEY WILL PILE UP!

    Also, for the final quiz (which also killed me)
    Not only listening and looking at the slide, taking notes and memorizing everything on the slides would definitely be a key factor in achieving a good grade in this course.

    Re-watching the main parts of the films that were discussed in class can help a lot if you have some time on your hands.

    Discussing in class would be major as well the 5 points for discussion goes a long way on improving your grade for sure so never take that for granted.

    Lastly, studying with groups is also a great way of understanding the films more as well as other people’s ideas about the film.

    Hope this helped! Because I wish I had done all of what I said to get a better grade for sure.

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  14. Well, there’s nothing I’m going to say that everyone else hasn’t already said. Haha.

    Do the blogs!! So much of this course is based off them. When I had my best blogs was right after viewing the movie. I would try to discuss the films immediately after viewing so everything was super fresh in my mind. The longer I procrastinated on the blogs, the less fresh the movies got so I didn’t remember much of what I wanted to say.

    Everyone keeps mentioning how easy it is to do the blogs, but for me they weren’t as easy. I’m better at saying my thoughts than expressing them in these blog posts (hence the better discussion grade) so often times blogging got really troublesome for me because I couldn’t think of anything to say. Responding to other students was the hardest for me since generally I agreed with what most people were saying in the posts. For some, its easy to do the blogs, for others, not so much. So from the beginning of the term, just blog something, anything to get yourself those points.

    I would really advice taking notes during the movie. Just jot down a note here and there to remind yourself of talking points for your blog or class discussion. That really helped me if I was unable to write my blog immediately after viewing the films.

    Also, show up to class. I know there are some Comm professors who don’t take attendance and just don’t care about attendance, but it really matters in this class. If you miss class, keep track of how many you miss so you’re not surprised at the end of the term with a bad attendance grade pulling down your grade.


  15. The overall class was very enjoyable, as there were a variety of ways to stay interacted with the class, such as blogging, speaking in class, film analysis, and handouts. Obviously blogging was a major part of the class. I find it more difficult to write a bunch of essays, as other classes often conflict with this. Blogging is not difficult and an easy way to stay in tune with what is being presented. Speaking and asking questions is probably something that I would try to improve and suggest on doing from the start. My overall test score probably would have been better if I volunteered more, which would have kept me more focused. And a pretty obvious one is to show up to the lectures. A lot of information is given during discussions, and I feel that taking notes on what is being said would help. When trying to look over the handouts at the end of the semester, before the test is overwhelming. Note taking would be a major recommendation if wanting to do well at the end of the semester.

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  16. overall this class was really good class. the important thing is in this class is blog!!! Every after class I recommend to write blog, because you have to watch film again if you forget to write blog. Also, you have to participate class discussion even you are shy. because I could not be confident to speak up in class. Aching film was really interesting and educates me. I think Japanese students can enjoy this class because I could know about the U. S. and you should wache power point after lecture in class. it was very importat for final quize. it helped me a lot during exam.


  17. Through this course, i could watch many genres of films. It was very good opportunity to watch different kind of genre. Every genre has a concept and relates society. I tend to to watch certain genre, so I experiencd many genre for the first time. And every films were great and they educated me. So choices of genre film was so nice. I recomend to future student to come every class because we watch one film using two class, so if you absent some class, you miss some parts of films. You have to watch by your self. And you miss class discussion. Class discussion was very helpful to understand about film`s concept.thank you Professor giving many chance to inprove grade.


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