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Captain_America-classic_suitThis trimester will end very soon, so please let me know how you feel/felt about this course. You could write here, for example, about particular content you did not know at the beginning and have learned in the class, moments in the class you were surprised about or felt challenged with, points you think that could be improved or just simply look back at all films and how you think about them now, etc. Thank you so much for making this course better!!!


24 thoughts on “Your Final Word

  1. In this class, we saw one film per week to know more about American film. Through all the movies that we watched in this semester, I liked the first movie, silence film “Sunrise” the most. Maybe it is a love story and “Sunrise” is also the first silence film that I have watched, so this film caught my eyes easily. Especially the pure love story in the film is what I like the most.
    Through this American film class, I have learned a lot of American film history. This class gives me the basic ideas not American films only, but also how business runs and how social economy can affect a lot on the box office of the film. Also, I have learned a lot on how American film style has changed from the past to modern period.
    Before taking this class, I have no clue about how American directors, producers and film industries work; however, after going through one film per week, and one class discussion per week, I know more about how American entertainment industries work. In addition, I have more interested on learning more knowledge about American films.
    Overall, I love everyone’s presentation. Everyone has done a good job and focused on different type of American films in various ways. Some people focus on animation and some people focus on realistic films. It is a really good idea that we can both learn the knowledge about American films from professor and from our classmates.


  2. I really enjoyed learning about American films, and .I could get knowledge of what American films are. On every Monday (or Wednesday because of national holiday), we watched an American films, and those are different from each other. I have learned that only the cowboy film is not American film. I had a stereotype, but the professor told us that the films have several genres and those are totally different depended on the eras. I am interested in “Sunrise” which we watched for the first film. The film is really simple enough to understand what is going on, and this was happy ending. Most of American films we watched were ended unhappily, so I was glad that the main character could live happily ever after. Also, I could see the differences between American cowboy films and European cowboy films. I thought that these films rend to be same, but in fact, there are many differences. That was really fun to learn about American films.
    In fact, the students have to give a comment on the films, but unfortunately, some of them are shy to talk in the class. This is good idea to discuss in a small group and train them to speak up. Yes, it is our responsibility to share our opinions, but it can be easier to discuss with small group of people first (around 3min), and share the comments in the class. Still, this class is much better than other classes because professor talk about the American films clearly, and the students seemed to enjoy discussing about the films. I appreciate and am so happy to take this course.


  3. I really enjoyed learning American films. I usually do not watch a lot of films, so it was interesting to watch a movie once a week. What I really enjoyed in this class was that I could watch many films from various genres. I like love comedy and action films, so I usually do not watch any other genres. But, this course gave me a opportunity to watch movies which I hardly choose. Moreover, even though I usually do not talk or discuss about the film after watching, I realized that it is interesting to talk about it because I even do not think about my feedback after watching films. It was really interesting to hear comments of classmates, and I was surprised at their knowledge about the film. I also liked writing a blog every week because I could know what my feedback was. I also felt that it is interesting to re-read my comment on a blog as I can know what I felt.
    Before taking this course, I hardly know the history of American films. As we watched the films from different era, I could understand how they have been changing and improving the quality. I also did not know what techniques they use. I so far just watch the film, but I realized that it must be more interesting to watch while focusing on its techniques or effects. To me, “Sunset Boulevard” was my favorite. It was filmed in 1950, but I feel like many of modern people can enjoy it because the script is great. What I realized through this class was that the old films has a great story line. I strongly think that today there are a lot of films which I think the script is terrible, but the old films I watched in the class was really great.
    Lastly, I really enjoyed the presentation because everyone chose different topics. I talked about Action films which I like, and I even could learn it while researching about it. So, I really enjoyed not only seeing everyone’s presentation but also making a presentation too. I was really nervous to give a presentation, but I had fun. I overall enjoyed to take this course!


  4. Through this class, I had learned a lot of things that I did not know about American Film. To be honest, I am not a big fun of watching movie, so at first, I came to this class with no specific interests what I wanted to learn. However, it was really good opportunity to watch a movie once in every week. If I did not take this class, I think I never have chance to watch the movies we had watched in this class.

    The professor clearly explained what American Film is and also how it was changing in different era. The movies really helped me to understand the class by actually seeing, what we learned from the lectures, in films. I used to watch the movie without thinking about any strategies and how they made it. So it was my first time watching the films carefully with thinking about many things such as camera angles, locations, and scripts. In addition, it was interesting to see the improvement of the films since we started from the silent movie to the movie in 1970’s. The first movie, “Sunrise” was the most favorite movie for me because of the story line. It was from 1927 so the techniques had not improved yet but each scene clearly tells what is going on and I could understand and enjoyed the story. However, I could not really enjoy and understand the last some movies such as “vanishing point” and ““Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex , But Were Afraid to Ask.” Those film did not have clear story outline for me and i was a bit surprised about those movies especially for ““Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex , But Were Afraid to Ask.”. I always thought those kinds of movies are just for particular people and do not become popular. But it was very interesting to know about those kinds of movies and also good opportunities to watch them.

    In addition, from the presentation, I could see that there are many kinds of American films and it was interesting that each class mates has their different perspectives. Through this course I could not really speak up in class, but I was still able to enjoy the discussion time. Many people have own unique views about the movies. This class taught me a lot of things about American film. I had’t watched many American films before but since I could get some knowledge about it I think I now can enjoy it more than before. So I would like to watch more American movies. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and I appreciate the opportunity to watch and know the movies I was never interested in.


  5. I really liked that in this class we were able to see movies I personally would have never watched on my free time. I really don’t like silent films and was not looking forward to watching the first film. I was really surprised at how much I liked it. I felt that all of the films except the Ed Wood movie were really interesting. I do wish we watch one modern movie but I guess we ran out of time.
    I really enjoyed that you added history in with the topic of American film. Of course it was a bit difficult on the exams to remember many of the small details. I do know if I play on jeopardy and the topic for “American Film History” show up I should do just fine. Jokes aside, it helped me figure why films had certain silly restrictions.
    I think my generation is more interested in getting together to watch TV dramas or to play video games rather than going to a theater. With sites like Netflix, movies have become something you can now watch alone. I think it was nice to sit down and watch American movies with an audience.
    I also just want to say thank you and that I enjoyed taking your course!


  6. Prior in taking this class, I had almost no substantial knowledge about the history of American films. To me, it was really interesting to see how cinematography has developed, both in technical and thematic aspects. For example, throughout the class we learned that the beginning of the motion pictures was marked by the invention of the kinetoscope by Thomas Edison, which was designed only for one viewer at a time to be used by looking through the peephole. Following it was the beginning of cinema with the Silent Era where actors had to exaggerate their acting in order to compensate the lack of sound. As sound was introduced in cinematography during 1929 with the Jazz Singer, scripts and storylines became more flexible and acting became more natural as actors could convey with words. Then colors came in, so more creative control that enabled filmmakers to communicate with colors. And now days, with the advent of CGI, many films are produced in front of a green screen and post-produced. But what was more interesting to me was the relationship between the audience and the genres which changes over time. For example, during the golden age of hollywood the majority of films were epical that were set during the ancient Rome or Egypt. Cleopatra sed the end of hollywood golden era, as the audience has changed, and younger people didn’t connect with such films anymore. Later Fantasy, sci-fi took advent of the cinemas. To me the most interesting period was the Auteur Era, when the director had the most power during the production, so films tend to be unique and meaningful.
    Overall I really enjoyed this class, I enjoyed most of the films that were screened in class and learned a lot about the origins of American cinema


  7. I felt like I learned a lot about the history of film. Going into the class I had a very limited knowledge on the industry and why it works the way it does.

    I wasn’t particularly interested in anything we watched, but I didn’t really dislike anything either (aside from the Woody Allen movie which was horribly uncomfortable). I think the hardest part of the class was figuring out what I wanted to say. With no real opinion of the movies it was easy to summarize my thoughts in a couple of sentences. I worried that a lot of what I wrote in my blog posts was just filler. I preferred the in-class discussion and hearing different views of the movies.

    The only way I can think of to improve the class is something I can do. Lectures ran a little long and it was hard for me to pay attention. I would have benefited from having a laptop so I could research the subject being lectured with more detail while we were learning about it.


  8. I really enjoyed your film class. Every week, we watched a film related to American film, and I obtained deeper understanding about American films. For instance, how film industry in the U.S. has changed. I think teaching not only American films by power points but also by screening the real American films were good idea and helped us to understand easily.
    Personally, I don’t watch film in my private time, so it was a great opportunity to learn American film. Of course, I didn’t have any knowledge about American film. Before taking this class, I thought American film is Hollywood film. For instance, high technology, skyscraper, amazing computer graphics, high budget, and so on. But, American film is very broad.
    Also, if I didn’t take this class, I would have never watched a silent film. In silent film, I learned that in order to make audience understand the story, the actors and actress used over reaction, and actually, we were able to understand without words. But, we must watch it because we don’t hear anything except for music.
    I also enjoyed presentation. It was a good experience to see and hear how and what other students think about American film, and everyone has different opinions, so I also learned from the other students’ presentation.
    Overall, this class was very meaningful, and I was glad to take this class.


  9. Honestly this class became the best course compared to any classes I have ever taken. I really had enjoyed this class from beginning to end. At the very beginning of this class, what I thought about this class is that I was just going to watch some American films and compare them and do the same things over again through this course. Yet my expectation was totally totally changed as the class went on.
    What I like this class is that we could learn the background of American film industry as we watched each film. I did not realize that the film is influenced a great deal by the American history, including the social background. For example, film was very restricted by social issues, and these affect the link between audiences and financial success. Since we could clearly see that the film is related to social background, it leads us to get knowledge of American history at the same time.
    Also, I was very interested in seeing how some techniques have changed in the film. As we already notice, the modern film is totally different from the old film. Before taking this class, I have not even noticed how and why something different about films (in terms of techniques). However, since we have studied a lot of film techniques through the films, the way of seeing the movie was changed! I am very happy to find a new way in which I enjoy the film.
    I also enjoyed writing and sharing feedback about the films with classmates. I thought that expressing opinion about the film through the blog is very important to know much about the film. The reason is because I can think deeply about the film by taking time to write a blog. Also, since I could get a new idea, hearing feedback form my classmates was good time. So overall I really enjoyed and developed a love for American film through this class.


  10. I am glad that I took this course and learned about American films. Before I took this class, I thought old films are just boring because my expectation was that the film technology had not developed yet and overall quality was low. However, since we saw a film per week from the era of silent films, I was really impressed. My expectation of old American films was wrong. Even though sometimes I felt camera work or sound was old-fashioned, I enjoyed watching it and learning American film history through screening. This American film class made me think about a lot of things when I watch films in my daily life; how camera work, effects, and music work on that film.
    Also, I liked professor’s lecture. I did not know about the history of censorship of American cinemas, and this class was great opportunity to know it. The most impressive part which I learned was Bechdel test. I did not know that such a test is existed in cinema society and it still applies to today’s films. It made me surprised and I’ve got interested in regulations about films.
    I appreciate that I could have great opportunity to watch old American films and learn history of it.


  11. What a semester! (And what a clichéd way to start a final response post, but let’s ignore that part.) I legitimately enjoyed this class. Coming into the course originally, I had a good amount of skepticism concerning the list of movies we’d be watching. While I appreciated the historical value of silent films, westerns, gangster flicks, etc, I didn’t have much personal interest myself, particularly if they weren’t titles I recognized. To be blatantly honest, I was bracing myself for some boredom. BUT lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised! In fact—plot twist—the early films we watched in the first half of the semester ended up being my favorites, surpassing the more recent films of the end. I like it when my expectations get turned on their head. Keeps me guessing.

    I’ve covered pretty extensively my personal opinions regarding each film in previous posts, but now that we’ve officially finished all of them I can go back and say for certain which film takes the top role for me. And that movie—drumroll please—IS: “Sunset Boulevard”. Not too shocking of a choice really. It was one of the only movies I had already heard of prior to this class and it’s toted as a cinematic must-see already, but now at least I can say that I’ve finally seen it and agree with the assessment. The moment we finished that film I thought it would probably end up taking the gold for me, and indeed it did. Though as a side note, if we ~had ended up watching “High Noon” in this class, I might have had to change my pick. That movie has been a favorite of mine since childhood, and as great as “Sunset Boulevard” was, I don’t think it would have displaced it.

    When it comes to the actual historical aspect of American Film that came hand in hand with this class, pretty much everything I learned was new content to me. I had had a basic grasp of the gist of some of it before (like the birth of Hollywood, the Golden Era, little things like the transition from silent to sound, and Cleopatra having been a flop) but the level of detail and breadth of information hadn’t been something I was closely familiar with. I feel like I’ve come away with a pretty solid mental timeline of the evolution of American film, and this pleases me. If I had any regrets, it would only be that we weren’t able to spend more time seeing other clip examples from films, as well as the fact that we had to cut one out. Time being so tight makes it understandable, but it’s still regrettable. I also am disappointed that we nixed watching Final Destination in class, since I am one of the few (I guess) that still hasn’t seen it and I think it would have been a really fun one to watch with an audience of people, as well as discuss. Our class discussions have been maybe my favorite aspect of this class. I’ve greatly enjoyed sharing opinions and hearing others’ takes. In fact I’m going to miss having a group of people to watch movies with now that this semester is over.

    And as a final note on this final blog, I want to offer the whole class a round of applause regarding the presentations at the end. They were long but strong. (I work in catch phrases, what can I say.) I don’t think there was a single one that didn’t interest me, and they showed how much more there still is left to discuss in American film. It’s like this class needs a part 2. But til then, at least I have a long string of recommendations added to my to-watch list based off these projects. Now to hold off til after finals….


  12. I enjoyed this course and learned a lot of things. I sometimes watched films before I take this course, so it was a good opportunity to know about American films from the different perspectives. I did not notice about the detail of American films if I did not take this course, so it let me see American films from different perspectives.

    I like most movies that we watched in this class. If I did not take this course, probably I never know about these movies that we watched especially old movies because it is quite difficult to get these old films. And “Sunrise” is my favorite. I had watched some silent films before I watched “Sunrise,” but these silent movies were boring to me. However, “Sunrise” was so interesting movie, and the lecture in this course helps me to understand more.

    Also, I did not know that American film has history and specific eras like silent era and Hollywood’s golden era. It was interesting to know about how American films have changed through the history.


  13. I originally took this class because I wanted to gain more knowledge and learn history of American films besides watching actual films. So, I had high expectation and since I took cinema foundation class in summer,I wanted to continue studying about film. To my surprise, I learned not only just about film history, but also learned different perspectives from classmates. It was very interesting for me and great opportunity to see films from different sights.

    Learning about the differences and changes on American films very attracted me. Maybe it is because I grew up with mostly Japanese education and I did not really have opportunity to learn this particular studying area. I strongly felt that it was not just about the film, but it allowed me to understand how the current world was built. The most interesting part of film history in the class, was how the current Hollywood system and American film industry constructed. And how the Jewish immigrates and europeans built up and developed the American films and industry itself. It is not like people can know from just watching films, but it was because the professor has european background and his own experience. I even thought if the history of Germany was different, the current American films and the industry would be completely different from what exists now. Moreover, this American film class was unlike other lecture class, it was a very participative class which I like the most. The reason I like it because people have their own perspectives and opinions on the films as well as their own experience on the films, this class style allowed us to share and express ourselves. Besides that, since the TUJ has such a dynamic range in diversity and cross-cultural environment, there were tremendous opinions and impressions even on one film. On top of the class discussions, the blog allows us to reflect our own impression towards class and films. I could learn a lot of things from it.
    Finally, last but not least, I really enjoyed the final presentation from class. I was so surprised about that fact that even though we were assigned only one topic, people took and presented it in so many different ways. I especially noticed that when people picked the same exact topic or film, they were represented in completely different ways such as “Disney Princes Films”, “Original and Remake”.
    I personally really liked Alec’s presentation about difference on portraying history. The topic had some heavy content but It was great analysis and and also very original.
    I really hope that there is next level class so I can continue studying film.


  14. It’s hard to believe this class is already over. It seemed to go by very quickly thanks to the various films we screened and the interesting discussions held on them. Overall, I think this class is interesting class that majors and non-majors can both enjoy.

    That is not to say, however, that it was always an easy class. Some films portray themes that may conflict with the audiences views (for example, racism and sexism in earlier films). From one perspective it is frustrating to watch these films and shocking that so many audiences enjoyed films that represent and condone such beliefs, but at the same time it is a realistic reflection of the society at the time- similarly to how some renowned older books use incorrect language or terminology that would be offensive in modern times.

    Something I truly enjoyed about this class (and similarly, other film screening courses) is the fact older films are shown. These films aren’t always as easy to find, and a lot of times are unknown to younger audiences, but in essence, they were the ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Jurassic Park’ of their decade. While some of them are very simplistic in plot or technical use, some are made with such high technique or with such a timeless plot that it is easily relatable to the younger generations.

    Aside from screenings, this class was so informational. I am impressed by how well informed the professor is on the film industry. It was interesting hearing about how American society’s beliefs (and fears) caused strict codes and blacklists, and how changes in society cause change in what was viewed as acceptable and being produced.

    The most interesting topics for me were the hayes code, Hollywood blacklist, and the change of control from director to producer. I enjoyed many of the films, but would definitely have liked to see more older horror films to compare and contrast with the modern horror genre.


  15. I really enjoyed this class. It was very interesting and I learned a lot of new things about the film industry that I did not know before. The only part of the class that I found difficult and stressful was the quiz preparation. The test are on the slides I know, but there are so many and it becomes very overwhelming at times and hard to study for. That was the only problem that I had in the class. Your lectures were very fun and informative and there was no doubt in my mind that you were not knowledgeable in the topics that you were discussing. I really enjoyed the screenings and they always matched perfectly with the lecture you were giving that week. I really enjoyed the screening choices, it was just a shame that we couldn’t watch more, especially of the older films. I learned a lot about movie genres and why movies were put in certain genres. I never knew about the Spaghetti Western before this class. I also learned about different camera angles and lighting in films which I found particularly interesting.Thank you very much professor, for teaching me things that I would have never known otherwise 🙂


  16. Overall, I enjoyed this class very much, but there were, of course, some aspects which I wished were different.
    Beginning this course I had very little knowledge of the Golden Age, especially the particularly loved actors in relation to one another. I enjoy seeing patterns with actors, seeing which directors they work with most, their preferences etc. I think this class gave me a great idea, but I will need to continue on myself because of the short time we have each day in class.
    That was the first challenge I faced, and really we all faced. I’ve never taken a film class which was limited to an hour and forty minutes every session. I know this is due to the school’s system, not individuals, but I think it’s something that should really be given thought. Another challenge I faced was the lack on contribution from the Japanese voices in our class. I know that you probably feel the same, and it is no attack on them. Perhaps we don’t no make it an open enough setting for them to feel comfortable with speaking up. A lot of us knew so much about American film, so I think that must be intimidating. Either way, I would have loved to gain another perspective. We obviously love American film a great deal, but I’d love to hear what someone who had no prior knowledge really thinks.
    I believe all those aspects I just mentioned are ways that the class could improve. We certainly did not have enough time and maybe for that reason I do not feel prepared for a more-than-likely difficult final quiz. I loved all of the films we watched, but in one of my classes we were assigned to watch films on our own, at the beginning of class we would have a mini writing quiz on different themes/techniques, and then the rest of the class would be viewing particular scenes and shots that intrigued us. If you weren’t prepared, the class was useless and we knew who had not viewed it. Our class discussions were great, so maybe this could be an option!
    I guess I am critiquing this class so much because I loved it! We critique the things we love because we want them to be better. I’d love to see how this class changes in the future.

    P.S. my favorite film was Vanishing Point, probably hands down.


  17. I didn’t know anything about the film Ed Wood, but now I realize that it’s quite famous, and have seen it referenced around the internet. I also didn’t know a lot of classic movies, and I feel that seeing these makes me a more well-rounded person overall, and that I can keep a conversation about the films if I have to. Knowing about American film history lets me understand why and when the films released were made. Although I’m much more interested in animation than live-action, I think what I learned in this class has been very important.
    Thank you so much for all of your enthusiasm, knowledge, and insider information! I really had fun and learned a lot.


  18. I enjoyed this class very much, and looked forward to coming every time. I saw a lot of films that I didn’t think I liked. I was never a fan of the older classics, but through this class I have gained a deeper appreciation of them. I would never have certainly watched Vanishing Point or Angels with Dirty Faces on my own, but it turns out I really liked them!. I think its important to watch movies that we wouldn’t naturally like because it exposes us to them and at least makes us understand the meaning and intentions behind them. t learned a lot about the history of film and had exposure to a greater amount of genres. You always have so much infectious passion and enthusiasm for what you teach, so that always makes the class fun.

    I always wondered why the 60s always had these Biblical epics, now I know why.

    My favourite lecture was where you compared the genius vs. dilettante with the chair metaphor. I found it very interesting and meaningful.

    My only critique would be to have some of the films assigned to watch on our own. Also, I wished there would have been at least one short essay question on the quiz. I think showing that we know how to understand and analyse a film is as important as knowing the facts.

    Thank you for a great semester!


  19. I really enjoyed this class! Honestly, i think it was my favourite class among all the ones I’ve taken this semester. The fact that we could watch movies in class and discuss about them was great! Also, my knowledge about American Film story improved a lot. At the beginning of the semester, I had no clue of what the Golden Age of Hollywood, Silver Era, Para Cinema, New American Cinema and Producer Cinema were. But now I am able to talk about them and enjoy films of each Era.

    Also, the idea of watching movies in class was great. I had the opportunity to watch movies I would never have picked if I had to choose a movie on my own. So I guess my “movie culture” improved a lot throughout the semester. Personally, my favourite movie was “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex” and I even recommended this movie to some of my friends.

    The only “bad” thing about this course was that sometimes I felt we didn’t have enough time for all the content. So I felt we were kind of rushing with it. Maybe watching the films at home and discussing about them in class could have saved us sometime to more lecture classes. But, overall, I really enjoyed the films and content that were given. And although some of the films did not correspond to my personal taste, I can say that it was worth watching all of them!

    Thank you for the fun semester! I really enjoyed this class!


  20. Overall, I enjoyed the class. I like how with the viewings, we went in a chronological order over the course of American film and could see just how it changed over time. It really gave me a broad view and was very informative. It was also nice to have a good variety of genres to see and watching clips from other movies helped with the overall view on American film as well.

    As for the lecture part of the class, nothing really new there. Pretty standard, normal stuff. Only thing I would say is for tests, perhaps it’d be good to have a day dedicated to reviewing, not just mentioning, what will be on the test. While I understand it’s the students’ responsibility to know the information, the amount of slides is quite large and the information on them seems to be sort of “spread out” in a way to where I’m not exactly sure what will appear on the tests.

    Again though, overall not a bad class at all

    PS: I enjoyed how our presentation was really left open on the choice of the topic, it allowed us to do something we were really interested in thus students being more passionate about their presentations


  21. In the first class, I said i am not interested in American film at all, but I expect that I can learn how American films have been developing through American society changing. Over all I am really satisfied with what this class taught me, and got me into American films. Professor Karl shows many films not just for fun, but for discussing about why a film is important to watch, and what we can learn through the film. I really enjoyed the discussions in each time. Professor always let us participate in the class, so I could enjoy to speak up my perspectives of American films about which I had no prior knowledge even though a few students are not satisfied about “Japanese students” who barely speak up in the class.
    Anyways, I enjoyed to learn how American society and American films interact with each other. Therefore, I felt I am taking the sociology and film class at the same time which is very worth.

    I would really like to take another Professor Karl’s classes.


  22. I really enjoyed this class honestly and leaned many things. One thing I enjoyed is that I could watch so many old films that I would never ever see them by myself. For example, I may have a opportunity to see something particular silent film or black-white films as a masterpiece; however, I think I would have less chance to see most of the films in our screenings by myself.
    But, I thought I wish if professor could explain a bit more about the film before screenings so that I could get into more and more. Sometimes it is hard to catch up with and follow all situations that are not familiar with me such as different and unfamiliar traditions and cultures or social situation around that time.
    Also, I wished if there are more information about the class time on the syllabus because almost all of the screenings I had to leave early for my part-time-job. Sometimes it is hard to find DVDs in Japanese rental shop.
    However, I enjoyed this class overall. I especially enjoyed leaning american film industry history which clearly shows and follows global situation. Also, I like everyone’s presentation. I found many interesting points that I would never thought. It was great opportunity and experience. At the same time, I could enjoy by choosing our own interesting topics. Thank you so much.

    P.S. my favorite one is Jesse James. Thanks to taking this class, I noticed again that I really like old films that have not too clear images.


  23. Oh, American Film class. How I will miss the discussions about each film and all that jazz.

    I really REALLY enjoyed this class. It was definitely a stress reliever of a class. I got to see a bunch of movies that I had never seen before, got exposed to a side of American culture that I can feel the ramifications of everyday and was able to contribute to the discussion about each of the films.

    I know I talked a lot during this class, for better or for worse, but I had a total blast the entire time. I think the thing about this class I liked the most was that it was very open. I know there were some voices in the class that weren’t heard as much as others, but I got the sense that the class was incredibly open to anyone who wanted to express some type of opinion. I’m glad I got to get into heated discussions and really investigate the nuisance of each film, because I think this begets more understanding.

    Another thing I really enjoyed was the presentations. I think through the presentations we really got to a see a side to each of the students we hadn’t seen before. I think that most people chose something that was really interesting to them, and through this selection we got to see into their tastes in American cinema. I definitely learned a ton about my fellow classmates through the presentations.

    All-in-all I say it was a great semester. I learned a ton about Spaghetti Westerns that I didn’t know before, which is awesome, and I got to put my two cents in to a bunch of really dynamic and interesting conversations.

    Great job everyone and thank you Karl! It’s been such a great semester!


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