Welcome (Fall 2014)!

This is the official blog of TUJ’s (Temple University, Japan Campus) American Film course. Please feel free to post anything that you think is related to the screenings or topics of the course! Guests are also very welcome to add their comments, if they would respect this blog’s purpose. Have fun!!!!


One thought on “Welcome (Fall 2014)!

  1. Sunrise: A song of Two Humans turns out more interesting than what I thought. It shows the struggling in the main male character’s heart.
    Although there was no dialogue in this film, audiences can easily understand contents through the camera technique and how director cut each shot.
    In this film, we can see there are several shots show the audience two different scenes at once in order to give us more information of the movie. Also fade in and fade out are used frequently in this movie. For example, when the city girl asks the male character that why doesn’t he make his wife drown, and he can be with the city girl forever. His imagination of making his wife drown was showed to the audience through fade in technique.
    Since Sunrise is a silence movie, there is no any dialogue in the movie, every single sound in this movies can catch audience’s attention and has a symbol on it. For instance, I got scared when he came back from city girl and sneak into his house, in that sudden, the sound of horse scared him and scared me.
    Of course, the sound of bell also has a symbol and meaning. Bell rings three times in the whole movie. Bell can represent the God. Whenever movement male character does, God is judging him.
    The movie ends a happy ending, and I like this movie.


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